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Ask the Expert is our thought leadership series featuring experts from around the business on a variety of topics to the events industry. In this edition we sit down with Nathan McKenzie, Operations Director APAC to find out how we’ve been working to implement genuine green measures across our business for some time.

The message is clear. It’s long past acceptable for event planners to simply put a line on their website about their commitment to a sustainable future – it’s time to back it up.

At Encore ANZPAC, we’ve been working with our venue partners to implement genuine green measures across our business for some time. We sat down with Encore’s Operations Director APAC, Nathan McKenzie, to hear about what we’ve learned along the way.

Did you know that according to V-EX’s latest sustainability report, a three-day conference with 800 attendees carries the equivalent of 455 tonnes of CO2 - which is the same as 455 return flights from Paris to New York?

These sorts of numbers inspired the 2022 United Nations’ Climate Change Conference – aka COP27 – to release a Net Zero Carbon Events Roadmap, aimed at greener practices in the events industry.

1. It’s not just about energy use.

Yes, energy and material consumption plays a big part in events, but it needs to get granular too – from who our suppliers are, who is making deliveries and how, and waste and recycling management.

2. Green credentials really mean something.

A strong differentiator for hotels and venues hosting events is holding green credentials.

An Encore survey shows that 62% of event attendees think sustainability is a crucial factor in choosing a venue and 65% believe it’s crucial for suppliers.

 3. Pass a global benchmark.

We’re the proud owners of a silver rating from Ecovadis – one of the world’s leading sustainability bodies who have awarded over 10,000 ratings. Many efforts went into this, including our transition to multi-use sets, regular auditing of energy use, and scoring well in ethics, environment, labour and human rights, and sustainable procurement. And yes – we’re still going for gold!


4. Greener technology and smarter recycling options are out there.

We’ve shifted to LEDs, which are bright and environmentally friendly. And we use laser projectors that go 20,000 hours without bulb replacement. We’re planning to have switched entirely to laser projectors in the next six years. We are partnering with Eco Batt which is an accredited B-cycle recycler. This is a government backed stewardship scheme which ensures an easy pathway for batteries to be recycled. With B-cycle the process is transparent, and we can be confident the battery will end up as something new rather than in a landfill.

5. Choose low-carbon transport.

We’ve invested in in-vehicle monitoring to significantly reduce our fuel consumption – great for the bottom line, but naturally for the environment too. Our fleet is leased on shorter contracts, meaning we can transition to more efficient models as they become available. But our plan is to go fully electric.

As a major player in the region, it’s our job to consider sustainability from the outset. To understand how we can best use the resources we have to both create a spectacular event and do so with the least amount of impact.

It’s not just because it’s the right thing to do – it’s what our clients want.

So talk to us about how we can create a spectacular event to meet your scope and budget – all with less impact on the planet. 


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