In this blog we talk SHOWcraft and how you can introduce the extra wow factor through living environments, live screen interaction, impressive presentation content and more.

1. Concentrate on the customer journey

Be creative with your event design and ideas – think differently about the experience you want your attendee to have and how your brand elements can not only be integrated into the event but also how you can use this opportunity to create an interactive and memorable experience of your brand. The event brand should be consistent throughout every interaction and the look and feel should start with the initial correspondence through the invitation or conference website. The event brand should be consistent throughout every interaction and the look and feel should start with the initial correspondence through to the invitation or conference website. At the event it should be carried through all touch points – from directional signage, centrepieces, collateral and not forgetting the digital content.

2. Presentation Style

With display technology getting better, brighter and clearer, the presentation of screen content is more important than ever before. Gone are the days of PowerPoint slides filled with words, words and more words as presenters are realising the need for rehearsed content, fewer words on screens supported by powerful statement images. It’s essential that the PowerPoint content for your event is not an afterthought and the appropriate time is spent authoring a presentation that is not only impressive (and branded!) but conveys your event message in a memorable way for the audience.

3. The Next Big Thing – Live Screen Interaction

We are always on the lookout for new and exciting entertainment solutions and innovative presentation techniques, challenging the status quo of what has been seen before. Think about having a live performance choreographed that interacts with a digital environment; this will create new depth to the audience perspective and overall experience. Presenters are also getting into the act of interacting with live screen environments and we predict that you will see augmented reality in the presentation environment used more frequently in the next two years.

4. Stage Environments

The keyword for many business’es this year is ‘accountability ensuring that each investment is effective and delivers a return with great digital content you can change your stage environments quickly without investing in heavy set pieces that need changing throughout the day. Projection mapping is a technology which can be utilised to bring a new dynamic to your event, a few simple stage elements combined with vibrant screen content creates a digital landscape that delivers a sense of depth to the stage environment and an engaging focal point.

5. Room Environments

Next time you’re planning an event make sure to consider the overall room environment. Your delegates will be sat in a room all day or night and it’s equally important that we enhance all areas of the environment creating an entire event experience in addition planning what is happening on the stage. Creative effects, clever use of house lighting, audio levels from speech to video, site lines from the audience to the stage even the level of air-conditioning right through to which water you choose for the tables. All these elements work together to create the overall SHOWcraft experience for your guests.


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