Putting on a major event such as a conference or new product launch is a highly demanding undertaking. It’s also one that has to be carried out flawlessly. Your organisation’s reputation and bottom line depends on it.

That’s why it makes sense to work with trusted event partners. The complex task of staging a major event such as product launch, demands a rare and specific set of skills. Staging Connections has these skills gained in its 25 years of experience in putting on all types of events all over Australia and beyond.

Professional event services from Encore to the Rescue!

You’ll find working with experienced technical event partners offers you a stress-free and effective way to handle the most complex project. Here’s what we can do.

Determine your needs and work with you to clarify what audio visual equipment you need. Then work out the best way to present that message through the media of av techniques and lighting. We also create the right style of stage set to fit with your company and the theme of your event.

Install and setup all the technical equipment needed for the event. This covers the stage, backdrops and screens along with the full range of equipment needed to present your message. We create floor plans, work within the plenary and breakout sessions, setup and speaker preparations systems. It’s a complex array of vital tasks that have to be done.

To successfully carry out such an enterprise demands a rare blend of sound management systems, rock solid technical knowledge to ensure that all systems are in place and running to perfection, along with the artistic sensibility to create an event that impresses and resonates with all participants and viewers.

This kind of management is vital to the success of your next important event.


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