In recent years the event experience has been heavily influenced by consumer trends and the introduction of technology to enhance and  help to create styled environments. These two factors are the tipping point by which the event experience is evolving to being less about just
attending and more about the entire experience.

The key to an event’s success is not just about ticking off the must-haves, but through identifying, exploring and bringing to life the single, simple purpose for which you are holding the event. Fundamentally, this is about evoking a human response from your audience, and using design and technology to manipulate that.

The Encore team has long been recognised as one of the leaders in the Audio Visual and event staging industry. Our teams have been providing integrated event services for over 35 years. Over this time events have evolved from a simple audio visual setup through to complex, integrated event solutions.

Encore’s team of event stylists work with you from creation to completion, taking your initial brief, interpreting your aims and goals, and translating those into a comprehensive look and feel. From the sense of arrival in pre function, to the intimacy of the table setting, through to the majesty of the stage set and the fun of the after party, every element is carefully considered. Regardless of whether your message is a corporate communication, or the event is just a fun party, every component is delivered with impact.

Key trends in event design for 2011 have centred around modifying the traditional event experience from straightforward stage and tables to lounge looks, cocktail zones and after bars, transforming a standard conference into a more interactive, dynamic meeting and immersing event  attendees into the environment. To maximise a message, the typical drop-down screen system is morphing into megascreens with high impact animation and multimedia.

Theming is no longer about a sprinkle of glitter or a disco ball. Styling is about creating a new world, transforming a space, stimulating the emotions – translating the client’s desires into reality. Whatever your event and whatever your vision the key to ensuring it is realised is thinking beyond the traditional to the experience you are creating for your attendees, and how to integrate multiple event services to deliver your message with maximum impact. 


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