Ink being poured into water is transformed into visual art, for the Australian Hotels Association gala dinner by Encore Event Technologies in Western Australia.

Pulling out all the stops to deliver a creative concept for the NAB 2015 WA Hospitality Supplier Awards and Toxfree gala dinner by the Australian Hotels Association, Encore combined imagination with class-leading technology to design and produce the stand-out gala event at Crown Perth, 18 May 2015.

The 500 guests at the event were impressed by the smokey, fluid graphics that were themed around ink being poured into water. The abstract idea was developed by our team in Western Australia who were looking for a concept that reflected the event’s invitation, evoking ambient energy and emotion in a unique way.

The vision was projected onto a 3D modular set built from interlocking aluminium extrusion and Perspex panels, allowing for the irregularities of the venue’s event space to be incorporated into the event’s design.

Tony Chamberlain, Managing Director, Encore APAV commented on the visually stunning event design.

“Our team was essentially given free rein in coming up with a creative direction and translating it into the event design. From collaborative discussions we came up with several ideas that would be exciting yet still graceful in order to suit the prestigious award ceremony celebrations.

“Projection mapping allowed us to use a modular set which overcame several challenges of tight bump-in and limited rigging options yet allowed us to completely transform the venue with immersive, almost trance-like imagery of ink flowing into water.

“We used slow motion footage of coloured inks poured into water and as the ink swirled around it changed colours on the screen, slowly filing the modular set from the floor to the ceiling.

“We’re always looking for ways to push the boundaries and keep our clients wowed, time and time again,” said Mr Chamberlain.

Bradley Woods, CEO from the Australian Hotels Association was delighted with the result and commented on how the creativity of the team impacted their event.

“There was such a buzz of excitement in the room, not just from the award winners but also from the 500-strong crowd who were amazed at how the room looked; lit up with colours and alive with energy from the projections.

“Awards are such an exciting celebration and by making the setting such an unusual and energetic space we left a lasting impression on our attendees.

“This was the first time we’d used projections on a 3D modular set and the concept worked so well we will use this again,” said Mr Woods.

Having worked with the Australian Hotels Association for over 20 years, Encore were brought in as an external AV supplier for the event at Crown Perth.

Ensuring a clear experience for all attendees, our technical team mapped the set using two 12,000 lumen projectors and a 4,300 lumen projector with Dataton Watchout to create a dynamic canvas whilst accounting for the negative space and shift in perspective as the depth changed.


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