You have received a brief for a product launch, you need to; reach thousands of people – yet don’t have a venue or budget big enough, you also need to build excitement about your product, stay true to brand messages and really engage your audiences – what’s the solution?

Creativity in technical and multimedia techniques using light, sound, vision and the event environment to spark all of the physical senses, integrating these into an event experience and then simultaneously translating that experience online is the only solution.

This is exactly what Encore created when engaged by PRISM Intelligent Activation to launch the Nissan Altima V8 Supercar. Using leading edge integrated event services the team stayed true to the brand message ‘innovation that excites’ for this watershed moment.

Using video streaming to gain access to a greater audience geographically and demographically more than 3,000 people viewed the launch online via a live stream to Nissan’s YouTube channel with 150 media attending the physical event.

How was the event translated?

The supercar was positioned on a podium hidden behind a circular truss with drop-down white drapes. These drapes were used as the canvas for a projected multimedia presentation so the attention was focussed on the car for the reveal. Using the drapes as the projected surface created a dynamic solution for the event that was designed to enthral and engage physical and online audiences. At the end of the Nissan historical video presentation multimedia team used the fluid projection surface to create a dramatic visual build, integrating hints of a storm brewing. Using strobe lighting the room began to grow darker and hints of lightning came into the room from behind the audience. Through the use of a powerful audio storm sound track, dry-ice machines, moving lights and storm imagery on the canvas screen, we created a suspenseful sensory anticipation until a final crash of lighting ‘blinds’ the audience and the white drapes drop to reveal the V8 Supercar shrouded in a fog, for both the live and online audience.

Bringing together the audio, lighting, visual, multimedia projections within a physical launch translated to view online created a new globally accessible experience.

A product launch commonly attended by hundreds is now available to thousands. But how do you make the physical event as effective as the virtual one? The challenge is to impress the attending audience while being able to translate the physical event onto the web without diluting the message and experience.

Commenting about our involvement, Nissan Motorsport General Manager, Jeff Fisher said, ‘working in the digital space and offering such extensive experience in integrated events, the team made the reveal dynamic and exciting for the race fans, Nissan customers and motorsport industry watching throughout Australia and across the globe’. 


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