Please note the Cumulus event app has been replaced with a more advanced solution, Chime Go and Chime Live.

Event apps – The new way to manage and plan a successful product launch event. To help event planners organise a successful product launch event, Cumulus has recently released Cumulus, an event planning app that allows you to upload important information about your product launch and simultaneously share it with all event attendees. And best of all – it’s free when you use our event services exclusively for your product launch.  

With Cumulus, you can provide attendees with important information such as a list of speakers, a list of event attendees, live event polling, a social media and so much more. Our app is a great way to add value to your event for those who will be attending and to increase engagement with your guests.
If you are planning a product launch and you want to give your attendees a great experience, our event planning app can help you do just that. 

Here are 10 ways that Cumulus can help you plan a flawless product launch.

1.  Share an Agenda

Feature: Agenda

With Cumulus, you are able to upload the agenda and schedule for your event so that your guests can view it from their smartphone or mobile device. 

2.  Upload Speakers’ and presenter bios

Feature: Speaker Information

With our event app, it is possible to share a list of the people who will be on hand to speak at your event. Our app also goes a step further and allows you to upload bios and important information on all of the key people who will play a part in the product launch you are planning. If you have special presenters at your product launch, this is a useful feature to help communicate and explain to your guests who they are and provide some context as to why they’re speaking.

3. Share Venue Information

Feature: Facility Overview

It is likely that not everyone who attends the product launch will be familiar with the location of the venue you have selected for the event. With our event planning application, you can share a map complete with helpful directions to the venue. With the map, you can include any relevant shuttle or transportation information as well via the Transit feature.  

4. Attendee list and networking

Feature: Attendees

With Cumulus, you can upload a list of your event’s attendees complete with their email address so that they can network and communicate with one another. If you upload email addresses, your attendees can even contact one another simply by tapping on the email address which will instantly open up their email client with the email address automatically in the recipient field. 

5. Provide Paperless Handouts

Feature: Downloads

With our event planning app, we can help save you money and time by making it possible to upload handouts, floor plans, and other relevant information that is traditionally printed out and handed to event attendees. Not only is going “paperless” more cost effective, it also helps to save paper and creates less waste.

6. Quiz your audience, manage Q&A and get them talking about your product!

Feature: Links 

With a product launch there are a number of reasons why you’d want to incorporate live audience polling into the event. A live event poll is a quick and easy way to conduct a Q & A session about the new products that are being featured at the product launch. You can also use a live poll as a means of testing the organisations employees on information retention about the new products, obtain feedback, conduct a survey and brainstorming sessions. Event Poll is Encore’s exclusive audience polling platform which offers event planners a choice of 11 question templates, giving you the flexibility to choose the best format and brand the questionnaire.

7. Give your product launch social media exposure

Feature: Links

Utilising social media as a part of your product launch is a great way to garner engagement from attendees. Product launches tend to be private events made exclusive for VIPs, bloggers, employees and the like with the content embargoed. If your content is sensitive but you still want to engage your guests, we have a specialised event social media platform that enables a private social feed. Our event planning application allows you to provide everyone at your launch with a link to Event Feed – so guests can freely post without the content leaking to the public. 

8. Keep Everyone Up-to-Date

Feature: Bulletins

Our event app makes it easy to share news and important bulletins in relation to your product launch with your audience. 

9. Share Great Content

Feature: Videos

Videos are a fun and easy way to share content and information with your audience. For a product launch, you can upload videos packed with information about the new product being launched so that attendees of your event can experience the new products in video form.  

10. Additional Promotion

Feature: Downloads / Links

When you choose to host a product launch party at a venue, often that venue will offer your guests various promotions. Our app makes it easy for you to share these promotions with your event’s attendees.


Cumulus by Encore – a free corporate event app.

Our free corporate event app, Event Briefcase, is just one of the ways that Staging Connections can help you plan and flawlessly execute a stand-out product launch event. We also offer you the skills and expertise of more than 30 years of experience and we can provide you with a professional and organised event production team who will assist you in the production of a  product launch that will blow your attendees away.

To find out how Cumulus can enhance your event, speak with one of our Encore representatives today by calling 1800 209 099 or by sending an online enquiry.


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