Webcasting is a useful, and easily accessible technology for corporate events; especially those wanting to engage a wider audience and spread the key messages of the event, or the content presented by speakers, further than the in-the-room audience.

Recently, the Petroleum Explorers and Production Association of New Zealand (PEPANZ) held their annual conference, NZ Petroleum 2016 for 400 attendees at SKYCITY Auckland. Their remit was to showcase the best and brightest from the country’s oil and gas industry, and around the world, at their premier three day event. The objective of the conference was to celebrate the success of the industry, showcase solutions, and highlight the future potential of the sector.

Encore Webcasting TeamThis was the first event that Encore (known then as Staging Connections) had managed for this association, through the event management organisation Avenues Event Management, so the team carefully created an audio visual solution to support the conference plenaries, breakouts, an exhibition and conference dinner for the 400 attendees. To further maximise the value of the content being presented in the plenary sessions and the breakout sessions, the Encore New Zealand webcasting team captured the video footage and then uploaded it to a branded and custom designed webskin for viewers from around the world to watch.

The benefits of webcasting your conference or corporate event

Having the video of the speakers alongside their presentation content via an on-demand webcast enabled those interested in the conference – who couldn’t attend in person – to still be engaged by the association in the key messages of the conference.

How the conference webcast worked:

  • Captured valuable data via webcast login details
  • Maximised the return on investment of high profile speakers in attendance, by securing a larger than normal audience
  • Enabled the event management organisation to use tangible statistics of who had viewed the webcast, how long it was viewed, and provided insight into the most popular topics and speakers
  • Ensured that content was filmed and saved, letting the association utilise pieces of footage in their marketing, on their website and across their social media channels to build hype in the lead up to their next event
  • Continued the branding of the association via the custom designed webcast platform ensuring all the live and online visuals matched

The conference’s key objectives: to celebrate the success of the industry, showcase solutions and highlight the future potential, were achieved via live and online audience engagement. The key messages and content shared by global thought leaders reached a wider audience than they would have without the webcasting technology and the event managers utilised the webcasting statistics to further prove the success of the conference and return on investment.

Webcasting is a win win for conferences! Find out more about about Encore’s event webcasting services.

What did the client say?

“Following a competitive tender to provide comprehensive AV services to our March 2017 conference at SkyCity in Auckland, we selected Encore. Their proposal was compelling at both a technical excellence and economic level. Our requirements included the webcasting of all plenary and breakout sessions. These needed to be compelling, easily accessible and accurately represent the “feel” of the live presentation. Encore delivered on this requirement, producing a fantastic resource that has viewed many times and received great external feedback. With delivery capability and innovation like this, we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Encore for AV services”.

Cameron Madgwick, Chief Executive,  Petroleum Exploration & Production Association of New Zealand (host of the annual New Zealand Petroleum Conference.

Partner with the webcasting experts for your next conference

Encore offers Australia’s most customisable webcasting platform. Whether you want to simply reach a wider audience, sell access to your event online or host your event during work hours – webcasting may provide the perfect solution. We have partnered with countless local and international brands to deliver webcasting services for all kinds of corporate events. From company announcements, through to educational seminars, conferences and sporting events, our webcasting platform can be tailored to suit your event’s needs and objectives. Find out how webcasting can increase your event’s return on investment by speaking with a Encore representative today by calling 1800 209 099 or by sending an online enquiry.


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