Signage has been a show essential since the beginning. There is no doubt that attendees would be lost, confused, and frustrated without it. But these days digital signage is the way of the future. Digital signage is a versatile system that supports multiple media types and rapidly distributes information throughout the venue. Your key message, such as, “Presentation A, This Way” is displayed, along with strategically curated messaging. Signs now have the ability to illustrate much more than directions.

Here are five unexpected ways that digital signage will strategically improve your event.

Provide Targeted Messaging

Attendees don’t just crave personalisation, they expect it. Digital signage in the venue will not only show the basics, like who is speaking, but also a deeper level of messaging that targets the needs of attendees. The software is able to collect data and act on it by showing targeted messaging. You can schedule and edit content dynamically that will reach your audiences as they pass by.

Integrate Social Media and Videos

Your attendees are already posting and tweeting about your event, so put it up on the big screen! Designed to sync with social media surrounding your event, you can use digital signage to illustrate social trends and top tweets.  By showing attendees that you care about what they think and what they have to say, you can create a stronger sense of community. Even your attendees who are not active on social media will see what others are posting when they look at the signs and feed off of this energy.

Another way you are sure to engage attendees is through video. Humans have short attention spans and even shorter patience. While they might not take the time to stop and read words on a screen, an incredible video displayed on your digital signage can stop them in their tracks

Maximize Visibility for Sponsors

Digital signage equals to more sponsorships. Attendees will seek out signage whenever they need something. As a result, they will focus their attention on signage for at least part of their show experience. Strategically placed sponsorships on digital signage will increase visibility for your sponsors. Because it is digital and can be changed, each sign can accommodate more than one sponsor. Additionally, sponsors can choose to display their content in a variety of different mediums. Sponsors will also be able to change what content appears on screen at different points of your event or conference.


A great way to use digital signage is to give impact to elevate your brand. A colourful and engaging digital backdrop is a simple yet effective way of enhancing your branding, styling and overall event experience. No event should go unbranded – which is why we’ve developed a unique range of cost effective branding and styling solutions. Event Backdrop is our latest offering, and comes in a variety of standard sizes.

You can create impactful branding for corporate events, entrance features, gala dinners, event registration desks and media walls.

Photo opportunities

You can use digital signage or backdrops to create the perfect photo opportunity. Guests will be snapping photos in front of your signage to remind them of brand, message or creative behind the event. You can use digital signage to engage audiences at sporting events, by giving them the opportunity to grab a selfie in front of their favourite team or sporting personality. Whether it’s a ballroom, meeting room, or small stage, our range of backdrops suit any occasion.

Getting the look of an event just right can turn a great event into a stunning experience. Our impactful digital signage, backdrops and stage sets deliver an engaging environment by displaying beautifully designed multimedia, imagery and brand messaging.


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