Thinking outside the box comes naturally for Encore Event Technologies (formerly Staging Connections) and Catch Box is no exception. Introducing new products that can propel our clients’ next event into an extraordinary experience is part of our DNA. Our innovative team are always on the hunt for the latest technology that pushes the boundaries and delivers a more connected, interactive experience at every corporate event.

Imagine giving every event attendee their chance to be heard by simply throwing a soft foam cube-shaped microphone around. Even in the most crowded of conference rooms, your attendees can be heard through the throwable microphone with the same quality as a hand held one. No more awkward pauses while people are waiting for the microphone to be passed to them, and no more event runners slowing down the presentation to get to questions, jilting the pace of the event.

Catch Box microphone for Q&ACatch Box is a new technical innovation that increases Q&A audience participation – encouraging even the shyest of attendees to get involved, whilst creating a lively and fun discussion. It breaks down the barriers between speakers and attendees, encouraging a more cohesive and collaborative environment.

Remember, attendees come to your event to learn, share knowledge and find out more about what interests them – but unfortunately most don’t get the opportunity to participate, and their engagement can be lost.
With Catch Box you can hand the attention over to an audience member in the time it takes throw a ball! Participants speak straight into the soft, cubed microphone and then can easily throw it over to the next person in the audience, maintaining the pace of a normal, free-flowing conversation.

Throwable Microphone for Corporate EventsWith wireless technology and the opportunity to own your own with your corporate logo, this addition to your presentation is dynamic and memorable.
Everyone loves an interesting, accessible way to participate – it lightens the mood, encourages excitement and the sharing of ideas, whilst elevating the excitement of the whole room. Let your audience speak up and they will continue to be inspired long after the event is over.

So, when you’re planning your next corporate event, charity auction, sporting awards, gala dinners or Q&A sessions – Catch Box provides the platform to facilitate questions effectively, comment on the content, or even make a bid.

Catch Box creates lively, fun discussions that are entertaining, engaging and stimulating – all you need is good aim! If you want to maximise engagement at your next corporate event, simply send us an enquiry and one of our team members will be in touch!


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