Destination Sales Incentive for 6,000

Client: Amway China
Venue: Australian Armour & Artillery Museum Cairns, Cairns
Date: July 2019

Amway China returned to Australia for the sixth time with more than 6,000 guests for their annual 2019 Leadership Seminar, this time held in Cairns. Seven waves of guests attended the 4-day seminar and incentive program between 21 March – 15 April 2019. Designed and organised by Encore, the business sessions and concluding Gala Program treated guests to a spectacular experience including a special blended reality sequence created using layered multimedia, holographic effects and choreographed robotics show with a live performer.

The challenge was designing a never-before-seen experience for a well-travelled client whom has seen almost everything. Amway China chose the Australian Artillery and Armoury Museum (AAAM) as the venue to add an unexpected element to the program. As the largest privately owned collection of military vehicles in the Southern Hemisphere, it offered guests a rare tank show experience. At 4,280 square metres, the venue was also large enough to accommodate the production equipment for both the gala and business sessions, catering and other suppliers.

The Rainforest to Reef theme allowed Encore to design four distinct experiences: rainforest, beach, reef and river. Each environment was themed using a 270-degree screen that wrapped around the venue walls, customised soundscapes, roaming performers and reef-inspired table styling which incorporated lighting design. A key performance brought each environment to life and were each enhanced with creative technical production.

The ‘rainforest’ environment included a thunder and lightning performance by the Million Volt Man, one of the most extreme live performers who uses high-voltage Tesla coil in his stunts. For the ‘river’ component, Encore created a custom ‘Fish Medley’ act which included singing and dancing animated fish on computer-controlled robotic LED screens that moved with the music. The ‘beach’ environment included an artistic Fabric Ballet performance featuring 18 DMX controlled fans with choreographed dancing, while ‘reef’ featured a game simulation of an underwater treasure hunt made possible using a range of AV techniques. The journey saw a live performer participate in the underwater adventure using layered multimedia with a holographic mesh screen, LEDs and choreographed robotics show.

The end result was a memorable gala dinner that ended the international incentive on a high. Encore show producer Andrew MacColl said guests were blown away by the 270-degree multimedia projection, holographic projection and synchronised robotics.

“The creative event design was matched with cutting-edge use of technology to create an amazing experience for guests,” he said.

“Working in such a unique venue had its challenges, but also many benefits in that it allowed our team the opportunity to maximise their creativity to bring to life a blank canvas. Special Event Director, John Schryver, designed a truly unique and immersive experience which will undoubtedly be remembered long after the event. The team bought his design to life and delivered the series of events flawlessly.”