Encore treated guests at this year’s 2024 Air and Space Power Conference to an LED odyssey.


The Brief

The sky was the limit for this year’s brief to event production specialists, Encore, who were appointed the task of designing and delivering the 2024 Air and Space Power Conference. Having delivered the prestigious biennial event twice before, Encore was familiar with the production standard the event and its guests had come to expect. Presented only with a static graphic of the event’s proposed branding, whilst also relying on Encore’s past experience delivering the event, it was an open brief for their in-house team at the National Convention Centre Canberra.


The Solution

With all eyes on the stage, it was the focus for Encore’s design solution. This year the team opted for an all LED set design rather than projection. The aim was creating a look that was uniform and capable of delivering an incredibly bright experience that not only immersed guests in a space-travel-inspired experience, it also brought to life the colours and vibrancy in the event’s branded content more so than what projection could. This LED story continued right across the stage, including the digital lecterns and digital fascia on the presenter panel creating a seamless content display. Another key design element was creating depth and dimension using multiple levels and curved staging. It wouldn’t be a space themed event without the all-important star-cloth which the team added either side of the stage to frame the set. The event’s branded graphic also influenced the lighting design which used the same colours along with moving GOBOs of aeroplanes flying over the stage flooring. Haze was also strategically used throughout the event to add another layer that mimicked a cloudlike effect.


The Result

Encore’s render-to-reality service played a pivotal role in communicating the end design concept. Better still, what was delivered on show day was exactly what was rendered. It’s this peace of mind which is why Encore is trusted with delivering events of this calibre year on year.

The team is still receiving glowing feedback from delegates and speakers about how successful and enjoyable the event was.

The event planners at Air Force Events are already looking forward to seeing what Encore delivers for their next event.

“I don’t know how you’ll be able to top this off in two years’ time. The LED screen made a huge impact. Everyone was talking about it!

“What I also really valued was the 3D renders. They allowed us to visualize every detail, from the layout and design to lighting and décor, giving us a clear picture of the final result and peace of mind our idea will be what’s delivered.”

Encore welcomes the challenge.


The 2024 Helloworld Travel OMC Conference wrapped up in true Aussie style in Sydney, with over 550 attendees soaking in the vibrant atmosphere. Hosted at the Hyatt Regency during the days and the Overseas Passenger Terminal for a dazzling gala dinner, this event was a testament to the thriving travel industry Down Under.

Encore was engaged to transform the venues into an engaging experience for attendees through tailored creative design, audio-visual and lighting solutions.

Held by day at the Hyatt Regency, the conference was not short on exciting nighttime activity with a Welcome event on the harbour aboard Starship Sydney that kicked off the conference with style as delegates enjoyed not only breathtaking harbour views but an amazing fireworks display!

The theme, “A World of Opportunity,” echoed throughout the event, with speakers like Qantas CEO Vanessa Hudson, swimming legend Grant Hackett, and motivational guru Ben Crowe inspiring optimism for the future.

Throughout the conference, owner-managers shared insights on the importance of passion, customer care, and industry relationships, proving that despite evolving trends and technology, the heart of travel remains unchanged.

Networking lounges buzzed with excitement as suppliers showcased their offerings, with Viva Holidays celebrating their 50th anniversary in style. Glittering attire was a must for their spirited “Sale of the (Half) Century” game, adding a touch of glamour to the affair.

The grand finale came with the Gala Dinner, sponsored by Qantas, where the Overseas Passenger Terminal was transformed by Encore into an exclusive haven.

As guests arrived at the Overseas Passenger Terminal they were greeted with a red carpet experience and a striking neon archway leading into the exclusive networking area. Uplighting on the luxe curtain draped partition created a warm mood-lit ambience while custom GOBOs projected Qantas and Helloworld Travel branding.

The Qantas Australian Girls Choir kicked off the evening, with a stirring rendition of ‘I Still Call Australia Home’, setting the stage for a night of celebration and surprises.

On the stage itself, sat a large LED wall visually separated into three panels by two columns of shimmering sequin tiles creating a stunning artistic effect. The room and stage lighting was further enhanced by LED tubes being suspended from the ceiling – a stunning effect and perfect complement to the Gala’s ‘light up the night’ theme.

As the night unfolded, attendees learned that Vancouver would host OMC 2025, igniting anticipation for another year of networking and exploration.

After the meal the dance floor beckoned as delegates enjoyed live music from Big City Beat and danced the night away.

As the conference drew to a close, attendees departed with a renewed sense of inspiration and camaraderie, ready to seize the countless opportunities that lie ahead in the ever-evolving world of travel.

Sarah Gerrand, GM Partnerships and Events, at Helloworld Travel was delighted with the event commenting,

“Encore exceeded all expectations with the execution of the 2024 Helloworld OMC Conference in Sydney. From the seamless delivery of our conference at the Hyatt Regency Sydney to the stunning Gala Dinner at the Overseas Passenger Terminal, every detail was meticulously crafted. Their creative design, audio-visual expertise, and lighting solutions were amazing, perfectly reflecting the conference theme, ‘A World of Opportunity.’ Encore’s dedication ensured a memorable experience, leaving attendees inspired and charged for the future.”

This year’s Canberra Convention Bureau Top Secret Gala Dinner, hosted at the National Convention Centre (NCCC), truly lived up to its name, leaving interstate delegates dazzled with the creative event design crafted by Encore. As the in-house event production partner for the NCCC, Encore was tasked with creating an unforgettable experience for the annual Platinum Members Dinner, a pivotal highlight of the 3-day city-wide event showcase.

The Brief

Top Secret is an annual familiarisation tour where the Canberra Convention Bureau invites national and corporate CEOs and Event Managers to experience all that Canberra offers in the event world. Given the event’s high profile, Encore’s role was critical in showcasing why the NCCC is one of the country’s leading destinations for corporate events. The challenge was to design a solution that not only highlighted the venue’s technical capabilities but also demonstrated flexibility and scalability to cater to a variety of creative event types, designs, and sizes. Encore’s brief was clear: create a stunning, memorable event that leaves attendees inspired.

The Solution

Encore’s production team, led by Technical Director Hamish McConchie, designed a truly captivating experience, utilizing a combination of advanced technology and creative event design. The focus was on reimagining a familiar space to make it feel both exciting and intimate. With a background in theatrical design, McConchie built layers into the production design to deliver unique experiences throughout each phase of the evening. The creative use of lighting, sound, and video technology was instrumental in achieving this goal.

The evening began with a full venue tour, during which Encore created various event setups to demonstrate how each room could be used as an event space. After the tour, guests were ushered into the Exhibition Hall for the main event. Known for hosting large-scale events with thousands of attendees, the Encore team reimagined the space by dividing it into three sections, each representing a different stage of the evening.

The first section was the Welcome area, where guests enjoyed drinks and canapés amid an ambient light setting, while neon purple Titan Tubes were installed vertically along the floor to create a striking visual continuity tied in to the digital signage around the building. The remaining sections of the hall were masked off with creative lighting, creating an air of mystery and anticipation for what was to come.

Encore’s innovative use of a “curtain of light” – crafted using powerful Diamondback’s and Rivale moving heads – added to the sense of intrigue. This bright and colorful setup, combined with haze effects, set the tone for an immersive experience. As the evening progressed, guests were invited onto an elevated platform for the main dining event, which featured a stunning technical showcase with kinetic truss, high output lighting, and LED screens in unique configurations. The intricate lighting design, synchronized with a dramatic soundtrack, provided a visual feast for attendees.

The second section, the main dining area, was a stunning technical showcase. Encore utilized kinetic trusses to create a dynamic lighting and video experience. The trusses were programmed to move and shift, creating different looks and adding a sense of drama to the event. This innovative approach provided an ever-changing visual backdrop, with wireless lights and LED pillars enhancing the stage area. LED screens floated above, displaying beautiful custom graphics. The intricate lighting design was synchronized with a dramatic soundtrack, providing a truly captivating experience for attendees.

Following the main dinner and speeches, guests were treated to a final surprise. The trusses above the dining area moved to reveal a larger section of the Exhibition Hall, showcasing the venue’s grand scale. This final section, designed to mimic a typical corporate event, featured a jazz band on stage, Scenic Panels, and up-lighting, creating a more relaxed ambiance for dessert and drinks. The gradual opening of the space was a powerful demonstration of the Exhibition Hall’s flexibility and Encore’s technical creativity.

The Result

The result of Encore’s creative event design was a dazzling evening filled with surprise and delight. Through innovative design and technical prowess, Encore transformed the NCCC into a vibrant, immersive experience, leaving attendees dazzled and inspired for their future events.

By segmenting the vast Exhibition Hall into three distinct sections, Encore successfully transformed the space into a series of intimate experiences, each with its own unique ambiance. The combination of advanced technology, imaginative lighting, and creative staging left delegates inspired and eager to recreate similar experiences for their own events.

The impact of Encore’s event design was felt throughout the evening, with attendees remarking on the importance of technical production in creating lasting memories. One delegate commented that the event was a testament to how technology and creativity could come together to create truly unforgettable moments.

Encore’s success in delivering the Top Secret Gala Dinner this year demonstrates its commitment to pushing the boundaries of event design. The company’s ability to ignite excitement and inspire event planners to think creatively about what’s possible underscores why Encore is a leader in the industry. By embracing innovative technology and combining it with artistic flair, Encore continues to set the standard for event design and production.


Comment from the client

"Encore transformed our Top Secret Gala Dinner into an unforgettable experience. Their creativity and expertise were evident from the moment guests walked into the National Convention Centre Canberra. The immersive lighting, stunning sound, and dynamic staging turned the venue into a captivating space that left our guests in awe. Encore's ability to create a sense of intimacy in a large setting was impressive. They reimagined the Exhibition Hall, turning it into a series of distinct experiences. The seamless transitions between different phases of the event kept our guests engaged, while their impeccable attention to detail ensured every aspect was perfectly executed. Working with Encore was a pleasure. They listened to our ideas, offered innovative solutions, and delivered a spectacular event that exceeded our expectations. Their technical showcase not only left a lasting impression on our guests but also created a powerful buzz that has positively impacted our brand and future sales opportunities. Thank you, Encore, for making the 2024 Top Secret Gala Dinner a massive success. We look forward to collaborating again!"
Liz Bendeich
Director of Sales, Marketing & Events, National Convention Centre Canberra

The Brief

Encore was engaged by, Mumbai based, BOI Media and Entertainment working with ICICI Prudential Life, to create a prestigious gala dinner for the ICICI Prudential Life 20th Starclub Incentive Conference. A five-day event celebrating the company’s top performers.

ICICI Prudential Life were offering a once in a lifetime opportunity to nearly 800 participants to be flown from India to Melbourne for the occasion.

The scale and prestige of this annual event is legendary and incentivises employees to strive for an invitation to the next trip. This trip however had been delayed since 2019 and would be the first since Covid and be among the first major events for the Encore team post-Covid.

One more important detail, Encore was now operating in a new world with higher wages and high inflation; so, the solution needed to be carefully thought through to deliver on the original concept without adding financial pressure.


The Solution

With India being a cricket-loving nation, BOI requested the theme for the Gala Dinner to be ‘Master Blasters’.

Through the use of kinetic lights, a 22m wide curved screen, table projections and extensive room lighting, the Grand Palladium room at Crown Melbourne gradually transformed and transported the audience to the grounds of the MCG.

Entertainers and chefs were specially flown in from India to add to the atmosphere and authenticity of the evening.

The Encore team found clever alternative solutions to reduce costs without reducing the impact. The team also leveraged their strong relationships with suppliers to deliver the project on budget but with no compromise on quality.


The Result

As soon as guests walked the red carpet into the Grand Palladium their jaws dropped.

The impact of the Gala Dinner was as dramatic and memorable as it was symbolic. It encompassed a cultural vibe for the Indian delegation and recognition of what Melbourne stands for as an international conference city.

Encore overcame monumental challenges to deliver an event that exceeded the high client expectations and was highly successfully for all stakeholders.

A magnificent result was delivered by Encore for BOI and ICICI Prudential Life; the team were back to black and gig fit!


Encore Event Technologies APAC orchestrated an unparalleled experience for 10,000 Chinese visitors during the 2023 Amway China Leadership Seminar in New Zealand. 

This article highlights how Encore’s innovative approach to event creative, technology and production set a new industry benchmark, delivering an unforgettable journey that combined technological wizardry with cultural immersion.

The challenge

Over two months, 10,000 delegates were flown in 12 waves to New Zealand for the seminar, showcasing Amway’s commitment to recognising top performers. The program featured a series of events and excursions across Auckland and Queenstown, rewarding excellence and fostering brand allegiance among attendees.

Creative inspiration

The superscale events which took up more than 6,000 work hours included 155sqm LED screens, fifteen 20k projectors, 80 table projectors, eight curved screen projectors, four floor projectors, six semi-trailers hauling equipment and even an ice rink.

The concluding gala events held at the Viaduct Events Centre in Auckland and then the second streams at the Queenstown Ice Arena for the event highlight of the trip, treated guests to a spectacular night full of creative, technological wizardry and heart pumping entertainment.

Technological innovation

Encore’s technical expertise was showcased through the utilisation of cutting-edge equipment, including the L-Acoustics L2D Loudspeakers, setting a new standard in audio delivery. The event boasted superscale setups, including LED screens, projectors, and specialised effects, creating an immersive environment that captivated guests.

Production excellence

Managing the logistics of such a large-scale event was a significant undertaking for Encore, requiring meticulous planning and coordination. The production team dedicated over 6,000 work hours to ensure seamless execution, from rigging to immersive screen content creation.

Economic impact

Beyond its experiential success, the seminar had a substantial economic impact, generating an estimated NZ $40 million for the local economy. Encore’s collaboration with Auckland Convention Group and Queenstown Convention Bureau facilitated pre-event activities and accommodation arrangements, maximising the delegate experience.

Cultural celebration

The gala dinners held at the Viaduct Events Centre in Auckland and Queenstown Ice Arena were the highlight of the seminar, showcasing Aotearoa New Zealand’s culture and spirit. Encore’s creative approach incorporated lighting, sound, and visual elements to celebrate contemporary Māori culture, leaving a lasting impression on attendees.

The result

Encore’s involvement in the Amway China Leadership Seminar exemplifies the transformative power of business events. By seamlessly blending technological innovation with cultural celebration, Encore created an experience that transcended traditional event boundaries, leaving a lasting impact on attendees and the host communities alike.

The Australian Defence Industry Awards (ADIA) returned 2023 and delivered a stunning night recognising the top businesses and professionals in the defence industry including businesses, academic institutions and associations, Indigenous and female leaders, scientists, technicians and academics.

The ADIA gala awards were produced by Captivate Events in partnership with Encore and held at the National Convention Centre in Canberra on 21 September 2023.


Encore was contracted to deliver an immersive experience comprising end-to-end event services, design, technical solution and production for more than 800 guests – including the Ukrainian Ambassador to Australia, His Excellency, Vasyl Myroshnychenko. Defence Connect wanted to take the annual ADIA gala to the next level and create a ‘WOW’ moment for guests when they enter the room.

The event design needed to incorporate an engaging pre-function area with live band and then WOW guests as they entered the gala hall for the traditional Welcome to Country, MC Welcome, keynote speeches, presentation of over 30 awards and live music entertainment.


To accommodate more guests and provide an impactful experience when they enter the room, our client asked to reconfigure the room 90 degrees (from landscape to portrait). This change of direction came after the initial event design was approved and just a few short weeks prior to the event. This presented the Encore team with several technical challenges to reengineer the 3D design renderings and technical specifications for the rigging, audio, visual and lighting systems. It’s fair to say, our teams rose to the challenge!


Within a matter of hours of receiving the request, our agile team was able to imagineer a new technical solution, one that would bring the customer’s vision to life without compromising the guests’ experience.
The Encore team utilised their advanced expertise and supply of cutting-edge technology to transform the National Convention Centre from a ‘blank canvass’ to an engaging and immersive experience.

Despite the last-minute change to the room configuration, Encore’s quick-thinking team used the change to create an improved audience experience as the audio was directed from the stage, without the need for delay speakers behind the audience members. The other benefit was that the technical solution could be simpler with dual system hangs rather than numerous ones positioned the length of the room to the back.

“We were impressed by how quickly Encore was able to accommodate our request to change the room layout. The general impact of the whole room look was simply amazing! The huge screens coupled with the audio and lighting effects created an incredible atmosphere that marked key moments throughout the night. The event was a huge success and our best one yet.”
Simon Elgie
Event Producer, Captivate
ADIA 2023 - Australian Defence Industry Awards - stage lighting and AV by Encore


Encore’s impressive audio, visual and lighting systems were finely tuned for the space by highly experienced technicians to produce the desired audio and lighting effects. Our team and their skilled reimagining of the technical solution was fundamental in successfully bringing the customer’s vision to life which was to create an immersive experience for guests with the stunning stage a focal point.

Raising the bar in creative design: Encore creates an enchanted wonderland The Million Dollar Lunch

Encore transformed the Palladium at Crown Melbourne into a mystical wonderland experience for guests at The Million Dollar Lunch – the AFL’s annual fundraiser for Children’s Cancer Council.

Encore has partnered AFL to deliver the annual fundraiser for more than 10 years. For the recent event, the brief was to transform the gala into an elegant, immersive and never before seen experience for 600 guests.

From the beginning of the process, Encore’s event designers and creative project managers focused on the overall creative strategy. More than 100 hours went into the creative design phase with even more given to creative production, setup, client walk-throughs and show-day production. The Encore team then produced life-like 3D render illustrations, and technical illustrations to demonstrate their creative vision.

The theme of ‘Enchanted wonderland’, called for custom design/bespoke decals, décor, props, that all had to be designed, fabricated and installed within a tight timeframe.

Atrium Entrance Concept: Million Dollar Lunch at Crown Melbourne
Million Dollar Lunch - enchanted wonderland by Encore_Atrium entrance reality
Photo credits: Jonathan DiMaggio; Graham Denholm

Additionally, audio-visual technology and lighting scenes were masterfully developed to create and compliment the magical experience.

The storybook inspired décor elegantly-designed themed areas, cutting-edge audio-visual and lighting technology including LED Cubes displays were all integrated with the luxury venue to elevate the event into a never seen experience – certainly worthy of the name ‘Million Dollar’ lunch.

The Encore creative team paid particular focus on the guests’ journey through the magical experience. Guests arrived at the Atrium greeted by a custom floor decal reminiscent of a ‘rabbit hole’, signaling the start of a magical journey. As the guests made their way through the Atrium to the Palladium, they encountered checkered floor and vortex decals accompanied by oversized ‘this way – that way’ themed signage protruding out of whimsical floral bases. ‘Drink me’ carts with signature cocktails were serviced by storybook inspired characters.

At the end of the pre-function area, guests continued their adventure up the escalators where they were greeted by more storybook-inspired characters, inviting them to travel further through and entrance feature doors constructed as a giant book– like a literary portal to an enchanting world of fantasy and intrigue.

Photo credits: Jonathan DiMaggio; Graham Denholm

As guests turned through the pages of the storybook tunnel, they entered the ‘Queens Court’ – a lusciously red-lit, velvet-draped room, decorated with chess-piece themed cocktail tables leading to a red and white floral-embellished throne set in front of an illuminated backdrop. The Queen sat on an all-white throne greeting guests in character.

Guests had a photo opportunity at the Queen’s Court before finding their allocated seats on the digital display kiosk before walking into the main room and the adventures within.

Following the red-lit, heart shaped themed Queen’s Court, guests entered into a lush green scenery – a wonderland garden complete with giant plants, forest ferns, décor mushrooms and wildlife; including an ornate, oversized candelabra – flanking a Neon arch entrance drawing guests into a spinning world of a ‘Topsy turvy tea party’.

Million Dollar Lunch - enchanted wonderland by Encore_Palladium Pre Function Queens Palace
Million Dollar Lunch - enchanted wonderland by Encore_Palladium Pre Function Queens Palace reality
Photo credits: Jonathan DiMaggio; Graham Denholm
Million Dollar Lunch - enchanted wonderland by Encore_Tea Party Entrance Candelabra
Million Dollar Lunch - enchanted wonderland by Encore_Mad Hatter Tea Party entrance

The main room was themed as a whimsical and lush garden tea party and featured a central main stage for formalities and a satellite stage hosting the live band. Encore paid special attention to radial sound dispersion from a centralised audio cluster given its flown location and guests being seated around the central stage.

Lighting was precisely designed to perfectly complement the event theme with both intelligent beam fixtures, custom designed GOBO’s and a series of colour wash across the venue. The lighting effects were stunning as the light shimmered and sparkled against the silver sequin drapes that lined the perimeter of the room.

Encore utilised the latest in LED display technology constructing six giant LED cubes suspended from the ceiling, running customised content. These innovative displays were used to create hype moments with custom animations produced by Encore featuring live tally of funds raised as record donations poured in.

Pocket watches hung from the ceiling with themed animations showcasing each auction item and show the formalities, while also showing live to camera shots of the entertainment, MC and speeches.

Their creativity and technology solutions are just simply mind blowing. They are the best in the business when it comes to creating immersive themed events”

Tables draped in green velvet overlays and custom printed doily bases created a unique tea party style including enchanted florals, teacups, glass candlesticks, butterflies, and tall candelabras.

Million Dollar Lunch - enchanted wonderland by Encore_LED CUBE
Million Dollar Lunch - enchanted wonderland by Encore_main room wide shot
Photo credits: Jonathan DiMaggio; Graham Denholm
Million Dollar Lunch - enchanted wonderland by Encore_Table treatment detail reality 2
Million Dollar Lunch - enchanted wonderland by Encore_Table treatment detail
Million Dollar Lunch - enchanted wonderland by Encore_Table treatment detail reality 1
“The entire creative process and overall outcome was simply fantastic – every detail was meticulously created and delivered by Encore to create the most stunning and surreal experience for guests"
AFL Children's Cancer Council

Once the formalities were complete, VIP guests were surprised to find the seamless sequin drapes peel open up to reveal a speakeasy afterparty!

The creative for this room was inspired by the key and the bronze and checker elements. The magic continued with an infinity, LED checkered dance floor and ‘Key hole’ DJ stage. The attention to detail extended to an enchanted floating desert table offering yummy treats.

The Million Dollar Lunch event raised more than $2.9 million in much needed funds for the Children’s Cancer Council.

Photo credits: Jonathan DiMaggio; Graham Denholm
“The Million Dollar Lunch was a huge success and the enchanted wonderland experience delivered by the team was simply phenomenal. Not only did we bring the illustrative renders to life, but we managed to do so in the tightest of timeframes. I’m incredibly proud of what we’ve achieved in terms of integrating creative, technology and production elements into a unified theme"
Julz Parlington
Creative Director, Encore APAC
Photo credits: Jonathan DiMaggio; Graham Denholm

Encore was approached to assist with the production and planning of HX2023, Harcourts Australia National conference. A series of events including Launch & Opening Address, Under The Sea networking party and National Awards Gala.

The conference would be taking place in two Gold Coast locations, The Star and SeaWorld, over two full days. Harcourts had come with an initial plan that put into practice, would was exceed budget and prove unsustainable. Encore was able to diversify the proposed plan and bring the same immersive effect while retaining Harcourts’ budget and meeting sustainability goals.

HX 2023 Launch and Opening Address
The Star Theatre, Gold Coast

In conjunction with The Star, Encore was tasked with the conference’s launch and opening event.

Briefed to make it memorable and impactful, a fantastic display of stage management, choreography and cohesive teamwork met and surpassed this ask.

With content on huge LED screens, Encore’s team worked around the clock to ensure meticulous content checks were made and amends completed.

The audience were thoroughly immersed in the show. Lighting and sound bringing the theatre to a whole new level, the opening performance became interactive with audience out of their seats and clapping along. The ball was well and truly rolling for a great conference ahead.

Under The Sea, Networking Party
SeaWorld, Gold Coast

For the first time in the conference event’s history, the networking party was being held offsite. Harcourts had chosen to host at SeaWorld, so guests could enjoy the attractions while they mingled before the evening’s main event: world renowned DJ, Hot Dub Time Machine.

The evening’s theme was Under The Sea, guests came dressed to fit while the entire venue was washed in marine blues and greens, soft ripples adding the to the effect.

The event originally briefed to fit 500, was at the last moment extended to accommodate 150 more guests. Drinks and canapes were served surrounded by aquatic hues and a soft sea mist.

Excitement began to rise in the crowd, as screens displaying Harcourts content, operated by Encore, seamlessly transformed into Hot Dub Time Machine’s signature countdown.

Diamond bacs and truss lighting bringing the stage to life, smoke and haze adding to the excitement and finally the countdown clock hit zero.

The lighting desk was operated in real time with no preview of the set list, making the light show unique to this event. Surrounded by pyrotechnics, Hot Dub Time Machine owned the night. The dancefloor, with enhanced sound and lighting, was packed.

The initial goal was to put on a great show, this was surpassed, it was the show of a lifetime.

The HX2023 Gala Awards Night
The Star Ballroom, Gold Coast

The original vision for the event had included a custom curved screen, which ultimately proved unattainable. Encore keeping the vision and sustainability to the fore, presented a multi-LED solution which would provide the same effect but operate inside the briefed guidelines.

Preproduction was the key to this event’s success, Encore’s strong teamwork, planning and precision could be seen throughout. Through careful forward planning, a pre-show run through gave the team the opportunity to make any necessary amends.

Guests entered the ballroom on a regal blue Harcourts runway, emblazoned with Harcourts’ branding. The room was washed with deep blues, the stage with huge screen was flanked by two trusses of Astera LED tubes lit in complementary blues. A DJ with live performer played a warmup set as guests were seated.

The show opened with the Hall of Fame, the biggest awards of the night. The stage lights switching from deep blue hues to bright golds with pyrotechnics erupting as the Hall of Fame entrants assembled on stage.

The show caller and camera director worked in sync to manage the camera operators as they captured each of the further 250 winner’s award presentations. A technical and production partnership demonstrating the depths of professionalism.

Encore’s lighting manager plotted out the show using The Star’s existing set-up alongside Encore’s equipment, operating both systems in tandem during the event.

After the 250th award had been presented, it was time for the DJ to take centre stage and the celebrations to begin. The lighting now in party mode, guests took to the dance floor and ended their evening in style.

Our team in-house at Crown Melbourne had the pleasure of partnering with the incredible minds at Peter Jones Special Events for this year’s ‘Epworth Glam’ themed Epworth Gala Ball for 1200 guests.

Beautifully captured by Andrew Hobbs Photography.

Featuring Ajaye entertainment & Mike Snell

The 2022 annual summit for a high-profile medical services company lived up to all expectations. Partnering with long-time production partner, Encore, the company hosted 175 of its summit partners at the picturesque Mercure Gold Coast Resort. The highly anticipated annual event is a chance for the company to bring together clinical and business leaders to be informed and inspired by a raft of innovative speakers and to showcase the latest and greatest products impacting the industry.  

The brief to Encore was simple – to ‘wow’ guests under the theme of ‘Momentum’. Momentum couldn’t have been more perfect for this action-packed event. Taking advantage of the exceptional resort facilities, over the course of two-days guests attended an Amalfi Coast inspired poolside welcome reception, a theatrical masquerade dinner and a 70’s themed lunch on The Green. Between all this, guests attended a high-end conference hosted in the Mercure’s Grand Ballroom. 

As the in-house event production partner, Encore provided a complete event production solution for the entire 2-day event. A key achievement for the event was Encore’s ability to transform the conference into an immersive gala ‘masquerade’ experience in under two hours.  

Encore’s Manager of Event Operations – Gold Coast said, 

“It was an exciting opportunity to work with the high profile client and Mercure to deliver this special event.The Mercure Gold Coast Resort was the perfect venue to host an event of this calibre – it gave us the flexibility and space to deliver the client’s vision all in the one venue. A big shoutout to our production team – everyone from creative designers and technicians to the bump-out crew – it was a huge effort executing it, and especially with the tight 1.5 hr turn around between conference to Gala, and back to conference again for the next morning. This event was an exciting achievement for our team and I’m so proud of how seamlessly it went.”