Encore & Crown Melbourne shine bright during immersive showcase

March 18, 2024
News Release

Demonstrating innovation and creativity, Crown Melbourne & Encore invited key clients and industry guests to ‘Look through the cut glass’.

The immersive event demonstrated the future of 5 star hospitality and innovative event technology – where innovation meets ambiance.


Guests were invited to imagine a world where every beam of light dances through intricately designed cut glass crystal, casting a mesmerising kaleidoscope of colours that elevates events into a new level of sophistication.

This creative strategy set the tone for the event as we celebrated the two partners combine to one in true partnership.

In a stunningly presented room, Encore curated and produced all factettes of the experience bringing the vision to life & creating an extraordinary spectacle, through content, lighting and event technology, while art directing the entertainment and hospitality aspects of the event.

Like the refined colours and flavours of the carefully curated whisky presented in a cut glass, the luscious hospitality provided by Crown sung a symphony of flavour, whilst Encore’s innovative creativity, technology and production created a truly immersive experience.

It was an unforgettable evening, featuring the latest innovations such as a giant immersive LED Cube, LED DJ booth, in-door pyrotechnics, next-gen multimedia content, and entertainers encased in LED lighting cages alongside modular 3D LED constructs.

But the excitement didn’t end there! Our L-Acoustic speaker system, cranked up, filled the venue with thumping sound as DJ Eliza brought the good vibes from her custom-built booth.

The talented chefs and team from Crown Melbourne treated the VIP guests to impeccable catering including a floating antipasto table, delicious canapés, and refreshing Four Pillars cocktails served by the Crown Events and Conferencing team.

A final engagement element was Encore’s Chime platform which was used as custom event ap and linked the invite so guests could seamlessly learn about the event, team, products, offers and seamlessly RSVP. Then for the event and post event it was enabled as a networking platform so guest could see information on key stakeholders in the room and view brochures and gallery for the event. It will remain live so key clients and event organisers can reference it when they need to.

This event was truly immersive, as we not only created magical moments but also unveiled innovative event concepts and designs, explored the latest trends in immersive events, and celebrated the power of unforgettable experiences.

It wasn’t just another gathering – it was a celebration of collaboration, creativity, and client success! Together with Crown, Encore redefined that it’s not about the technology but about how to best use the technology to convey your creative strategy.