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Staging an Awards Night to remember

We have been lucky enough to be involved in some great events for our amazing clients over the last few months. So we thought we would share a few of our most recent awards nights and pass on a few top tips from our wonderful team of event experts on what to remember when staging an awards night or large gala dinner.

We have been lucky enough to be involved in some great events for our amazing clients over the last few months. So we thought we would share a few of our most recent awards nights and pass on a few top tips from our wonderful team of event experts on what to remember when staging an awards night or large gala dinner.

1. cievents - Awards Night

This annual awards night was held at The Royal Hall of Industries next to The Hordern Pavilion in conjunction with our event partner’s cievents. The concept was to tie the stage look in with the industrial vibe and feel of the venue. We wanted to create impact and a party atmosphere but were also conscious about making sure everyone had a great view of the stage as the evening was going to be heavily focused on the stage and the award winners.

2. AICD Gold Medal Awards Night

Our newest in-house venue, the beautiful not long restored Brisbane City Hall, was home to the 30th annual AICD Gold Medal awards. The historic venue provided an amazing setting for the night as the stage provided a great vantage point for the awards to take place, making sure everyone had a great view of all the action. The newly restored dome provided a great backdrop for the lighting and our talented team created a bespoke lighting sting to showcase the new space and create some ‘extra’ entertainment for the evening.

3. AFTA Awards Night

The AFTA awards were held in The Hordern Pavilion in Sydney. The awards ceremony is the premier industry event of the year so each year needs to be delivered bigger and better! This year was no exception and our talented team followed the brief to the letter. Our large scale stage set featured the Southern Hemispheres (and the world’s 5th) largest mirror ball weighing in at a massive 287kg and measuring 7ft in diameter!! It certainly had the wow factor and helped create the party atmosphere desired. The room also featured some amazing bespoke centrepieces from Qantas and the table layout created the stage walkway for the award winners and a floor space for the entertainment acts throughout the night which included three Aerial acts and Australian signer Jessica Mauboy.

Our top tips for staging an Awards Night to Remember

1. Get inspired and watch the biggies

Our creative teams get inspiration from the big commercial awards night such as the BAFTA’s, Academy Awards and home-grown Logies! Watch some of these awards nights and take on board any ideas or trends that you would like to replicate. An experienced technical production team will be able to reproduce some of the most complex looking staging with audio and video stings, lighting ballyhoo’s and dynamic set pieces.

2. Make everyone feel like a winner with clever sound, lighting and vision

It’s important that you keep everyone involved and energised to create that celebratory mood for the night. Table positioning with clear line of site of the stage is paramount to keeping your attendees engaged. If the space doesn’t allow for clear vision think carefully about screen placement. The sound of the night can help create the buzz, think about introducing individual sound stings for each award winner or a pop song instead of the classic music. Lighting will also allow you to build up energy with lots of movement and changes in colour.

3. Set the formality of the event with Styling

The dress code can have a big impact on the formality of the night and sets your guests expectations. You need to make sure the styling of the event reflects the formality. For instance if you are having a black tie event, adding black chair covers and black linens instantly sets the formality and the tone for the evening.

4. A strong MC to control that party atmosphere 

Choosing a MC for your awards night is a big decision as the choice of MC can have a huge impact on the mood of the night. They act as the thread that holds the evening together and they need to be there to raise the energy at the start as well as control the atmosphere as the night progresses. Always hire a professional with a strong portfolio of awards night hosting. It will add a sense of professionalism and credibility to the evening.

5. And finally, what awards night wouldn’t be complete with a PARTY

a. The choice of act for the finale is key to keeping the party atmosphere going and ensuring the night ends on a high! You want to be dragging people off the dance floor as the event is packing down at the end of the night; there is no better sign of a successful evening.

Written By, Stuart Buchanan, Sydney Sales Manager

With event production experience spanning 17 years, Stuart’s local and international knowledge and know-how has set him up to be a true industry professional. From the early 1990’s Stuart worked as a music and fashion event promoter before moving into the corporate events field and has been with Staging Connections for over 12 years.

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