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Say Hello! to Event Feed - our new and improved event social media platform

Event Tweet, one of Australia's most popular event social media platforms has had an upgrade and a new name to suit - Event Feed.

We're excited to announce our beloved Event Tweet, has had an upgrade with a fancy new name to suit - introducing Event Feed. The new name comes as we rebrand the social media platform to more accurately represent the enhanced functionality of the platform. 

1. Event Feed pulls in Twitter, Facebook and Instagram Posts

Now Event Feed (previously known as Event Tweet) captures not just in-room and virtual event audiences’ (aka via webcast) tweets, but also Facebook and Instagram posts through a dedicated hashtag. Posts are moderated and sent live to screens, on a choice of animated templates. This means no matter where your audience is posting you can harness all the social hype and pull it into one centralised location to display instantly on screen at your event. It's a great way to encourage engagement with your attendees and get them interacting with your brand. Plus, the act of them posting your branded hashtag means your brand is being exposed to all of their social followers.

2. Event Feed allows for a closed social media feed for private functions

In an Australian first, Event Feed will now offer companies the option to create their own private social media feeds, ensuring content shared via a private web link is not available to the public.

Pictured left is the private Event Feed Staging Connections Group and Freeman used to allow for inter-company engagement to support the acquisition announcement to employees. 

As Tim Chapman, General Manager of Digital Event Services at Encore (formerly Staging Connections) commented, this feature is set to revolutionise large-scale engagement, whilst ensuring privacy and security for those companies that need it. 

“With privacy a key concern for businesses, the ability of these exclusive Event Feeds is that only those at the event can view the interaction on the internal event screens.

“Building a community through engagement and interaction is the goal of every event. Event Feed boosts conversation if you want to go viral, and now also has the option to keep that conversation exclusive and in the room.

“Social media is so heavily engrained as a key method of our daily communication, so it’s fitting that events integrate it as a key method of engagement. People enjoy using social media, and contributing ideas, questions and solutions via this platform at a conference, product launch or sales incentive is informal and unpretentious. Our clients continue to see a wider range of conversations happening, generating bolder and more daring ideas – which are often some of the best!

“With recent research showing Generation Y and millennials place higher priority on technology at events, these enhancements to our social media integration platform has been part of the investment we have been putting into event technologies,” Mr Chapman concluded.

Event Feed information and pricing

Header Image: Event Feed used at this year's Adelaide Football Club's 25th Annual Club Gala Dinner and was used to drive bids and promote the silent auction.

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