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Ask the Expert is our thought leadership series featuring experts from around the business on a variety of topics to the events industry. In this edition we sit down with Nathan McKenzie, Operations Director APAC to find out how we’ve been working to implement genuine green measures across our business for some time.

Sustainability is increasingly a consideration for both event planners and venues when choosing a production company. Find out how Encore sets the green standard.

Demand for more sustainable events is growing at an ever-increasing rate, and Encore ANZPAC in concert with its venue partners is proactively implementing green measures across all areas of the business to ensure we win each event opportunity and maintain our social license.

COP27 report outlines a Net Zero Carbon Events Roadmap, aimed at greener practices in the events industry. As Meetings Net describes it, the roadmap caused “perhaps its biggest public splash on the issue of making events sustainable.” COP27’s revelations chime with the V-EX’s latest sustainability report, which states that a three-day conference with 800 attendees carries a carbon footprint of 455 tonnes of CO2 equivalents, which is the same as 455 return flights from Paris to New York.

Such environmental impacts aren’t just tied to materials and energy consumption. To bring an event to life, sustainable procurement must be at the forefront, deliveries must be made, and waste must be limited or recycled at every opportunity. Proving green credentials for a corporate event therefore serves as a major differentiator for hotels in securing the opportunity. In fact, a recent survey from Encore shows that 62% of clients think sustainability is important when selecting a venue, while 65% say it’s critical for choosing a supplier, too.

So, how do hotels accommodate this demand and what concrete evidence should you look for in a production partner? Encore’s Operations Director APAC, Nathan Mckenzie, reveals what Encore has accomplished in the quest for a green light.

Pass a global benchmark.

Encore’s evolving green journey started in 2015. One of the very first things we accomplished was to shift our operation away from one-time use scenic and design sets to multi-use/multi-function recycled sets. The next step was the implementation of regular auditing of energy use and inventory to help us refine and compare improvements. We have also turned our attention to the technology we select as part of our procurement process and how it is used, taking into consideration it’s entire product life cycle.

EcoVadis is one of the world’s leading sustainability bodies, rating over 10,000 businesses to date. It investigates numerous factors for a green agenda, including product life cycles, anti-corruption practices, environmental advocacy and the management structures that can make sustainable goals a reality. Our clients increasingly demand to see these credentials as part of their procurement process, their decision on venue and event production partner.

I’m proud to say that EcoVadis granted Encore a silver medal in 2022. By scoring us on environment, ethics, labour and human rights, and sustainable procurement — the group has given us one of the clearest pictures yet on our sustainable processes and evidences how Encore is helping to lead the industry in this region. Next year we’re going for gold!


Save costs with green technology.

Energy consumption should not be confined to the technology used for the event itself, but it’s a good place to start. For example, LED lighting, has a much lower wattage than traditional bulbs. The Rapid Transition Alliance reveals that LEDs consume up to 90% less electricity than incandescent and halogen lights, and 60% less than fluorescents. That’s why we utilise LEDs, plus they’re super bright and make a huge visual impact. Similarly, our laser projectors can last up to 20,000 hours without a bulb replacement which reduces maintenance costs too. Clients and venues therefore pay less to power better results on screen. We have started our shift to all laser projectors, with one third of our stock completed, and projected to be fully converted within 6 years.

This focus on sustainable energy extends to our offices and design facilities, where LED lighting are used extensively and set to timers to keep power down. Heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, meanwhile, have been optimised for lower energy consumption.

LEDs consume up to 90% less electricity than incandescent and halogen lights, and 60% less than fluorescents.

Greener technology and smarter recycling options are out there.

Encore uses ISO certified e-waste recycling company Reverse E-waste to recycle electronic items. Since moving to this new supplier in July 2022, we have recycled 6.1T worth of e-waste from our main head office.

With 90% of Australia’s used batteries still ending up in landfill a closed loop lifecycle for batteries is essential. We are partnering with Eco Batt which is an accredited B-Cycle recycler This is a government backed stewardship scheme which ensures an easy pathway for batteries to be recycled. With B-Cycle the process is transparent, and we can be confident the battery will end up as something new rather than in a landfill.

Choose low-carbon transport.

The road to environmental leadership includes vehicle tracking that shows how fast a driver is travelling, where they are and what vehicle maintenance might be required to economize fuel use. 

Research from VIION claims that petrol use rises by 25% between a vehicle travelling at 88kmph to 112kmph, which is a sizable carbon contribution. Since Encore invested in the latest vehicle monitoring solution, we’ve significantly reduced fuel consumption and with it, the associated cost and carbon footprint.

Encore’s fleet leases are shorter term contracts so dated vehicles can be replaced with more efficient models. At the same time, our fleet management software helps us track and analyse data for smarter fuel economy. Encore aims to transition to a fleet of all-electric commercial vans and trucks as they become available in the Australian market.

Give sustainability an Encore.

Encore has a team focused on exceeding customer demands and shaping event productions to be more sustainable by using local resources to deliver events. Having offices in every major city in APAC helps us to reduce our carbon footprint further, while also supporting the local communities.

With environmental pressures mounting, there’s every reason to turn sustainability from a vague aspiration into something more concrete. Green practices, structures, reviews and leadership are fundamental to the events industry moving forward. As every event comes together, we’re looking to double down on that success and give our venue partners the eco-friendly pitch to win even more business.


If you’re looking to host your own corporate event soon, we’re happy to show you how a landmark occasion can stun audiences while caring for the world we all share. 

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