Introducing our game-changing virtual studio

The future of virtual presentations is here. Immersive XR Stage enables you to deliver a dynamic virtual event presentation using the latest technologies and extended reality.  It’s the perfect platform for delivering a highly engaging and interactive presentation for all kinds of events – large or small. The 3D virtual event set transports your speaker to any location and lets them interact with visuals, animations, graphics, videos and more.

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Introducing Immersive XR Stage

Deliver your most engaging presentation yet with our virtual studio for virtual and hybrid events.

With virtual and hybrid events becoming an everyday reality, event planners need a sophisticated solution to deliver engaging virtual presentations. That’s why we’ve introduced Immersive XR Stage. Using the latest extended reality technologies, Immersive XR Stage enables you to create dynamic, live productions integrating live presenters and multimedia in a 3D virtual environment. 

See why Immersive XR Stage is the future of virtual events

Why event planners choose Immersive XR Stage for their virtual event studio

When you want to deliver an unforgettable virtual event, you need an unforgettable setting. Our team of designers and technicians will work alongside you to turn your words into an engaging visual journey. We can produce content to show your story and message, rather than simply telling it. The limitless design flexibility makes Immersive XR Stage our preferred virtual environment.

  • Realistic 3D environment which can be fully customised to suit your event message and branding
  • Programmable opening sequences, camera and lighting
  • Multiple presenters including the virtual studio presenter with live streamed presenters integrated
  • Easily integrate a wide variety of content types such as animations, graphics, videos, imagery and more
  • Ability for presenters to see and interact with digitised elements
  • Flexibility to make real-time changes
  • Dynamic environment designs which can continually change to visualise your message
  • Full production support by Encore’s team of technicians
  • Combine with one of our virtual and hybrid hosting platforms for a complete event production solution

A Virtual Stage to Elevate the Experience

Whether the purpose of your event is to inform, reward, motivate, collaborate or educate – the Immersive XR Stage gives you the power to turn your presentation into an engaging online experience. Here are some ways Immersive XR Stage has helped elevate events.

Make your presentation engaging

Encore partnered with Connect Macquarie Park & North Ryde to deliver their first virtual event. The Immersive XR Stage allowed them to ditch the PowerPoint and turn the presentation into a visual story, integrating animations, multimedia and video interviews.

Chime Live Event Platform

Bring presenters together

No matter where your presenters are located, Immersive XR Stage can make them appear together, on the same stage. This is how Encore helped Australian Catholic Superannuation make their Annual Member Meeting possible.

Get creative with your stage set! 

Encore helped the 43rd COSPAR Scientific Assembly pivot to outer space thanks to the Immersive XR Stage extended reality technology. We designed a custom spaceship stage set to enhance the experience and take the virtual attendees on an unforgettable journey across the Universe.

Hear what our clients say about their experience using the Immersive XR Stage

Want to learn more about how Immersive XR Stage can elevate your event?

Our Immersive XR Stage is the latest addition to our range of virtual and hybrid event solutions. Let our team of designers and technicians turn your virtual event into a dynamic visual journey that will set new benchmarks for your virtual and hybrid events moving forward.

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