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Leverage Encore’s award-winning creative, event design & production services to transform your venue into an immersive, impactful experience that truly inspires, connects and engages your attendees.


Unleash the power of creativity to make an impact and inspire change.


Connect with your audience on a whole new level with cutting-edge AV, AI and interactive tech.


Create unforgettable moments with  immersive, engaging experiences.

Invested in your event's success, every step ALONG YOUR JOURNEY

Encore are your global full-service event production partner that is invested in your success to ensure your events connect, inspire and engage.

We partner with you every step along your journey – before the event, as we make it happen, and onto planning the next one.

From pop-up events, annual meetings, glamorous
gala nights, thrilling product or brand activations; regional roadshows to experiential showcases across Asia-Pacific region.

No matter what, our mission is to serve as your invaluable partner on your journey to success.

You have an event idea, or have been asked by your manager to run an event. So now what? There’s so much to consider, plan and do. And so many vendors to talk to and manage! Simplify the process by getting in touch with Encore – your full-service event production partner – at the very early stages of ideation and event concept design. Encore’s award-winning Creative Production team can work closely with you to design and deliver your dream event, from beginning to end. We take the time to really understand your organisation, your key drivers, business objectives and budget constraints. We look at the big picture and your goals and tailor our end-to-end services accordingly to support you at every step of the way – from creative design to creative production including full AV setup and technical support. 

The scope of the event takes shape and now we’re into full event planning mode. Before the the ‘big day’, our team will meet regularly with yours to ensure everything is going according to our meticulous plan and that all stakeholders and suppliers are on the same page.  On the day, before doors open, we conduct briefings with key stakeholders and do multiple tech-runs to ensure all creative and production elements are on point.

It’s showtime! While your event is underway our onsite technical production team and director of event technology will be ready to provide any additional support you may need during the event. Our production team are highly-skilled and trained to deal with almost any situation.

We pride ourselves on service excellence and continuous improvement in how we serve our customers and the events we produce. Through post-event debriefs and surveys, we actively listen to your feedback on how we can do better next time.

We do so much more than produce amazing events. We build connections and partnerships. As your organisation grows and event needs evolve, we follow your journey and can deliver all your event requirements throughout the calendar year, every year. A signficant portion of our clients have trusted Encore as their creative production partner for many years as we continuously innovate and take their events to the next level.

When you partner with Encore you
fill empty rooms with creativity,
vision & powerful memories!

END-to-END services


Event Creative Strategy

Ideating and developing event theming concepts for the attendee experience journey and aligning these to your event objectives.  

Design & Creative Production

Bringing our creative vision to life with both digital design and custom fabrication solutions.

Integrated Audio-Visual

Full audio-visual and lighting production powered by the latest technology and a world-class team of experienced AV technicians.

Digital Solutions For Hybrid Events

Encore has a range of world-class digital solutions for in-person, virtual or hybrid events. From event invitations and attendee management to live webcasting and presentation content management solutions.

Feedback & Engagement Insights

Get real-time feedback from your attendees with live polling solutions. Plus, with Encore’s AI-enabled sensors you can get real-time engagement analytics of how your audience feels about your content.

Unlocking the magic of projection mapping

Real-time Translation

With Encore’s App-based, AI-powered solution, attendees can bring themselves closer to the Speaker no matter the language. Gone are the days of hiring interpreters and headsets for each individual.

Creative Productions for ANY event

Productions that engage - Encore Events

The seamless & the sublime

Encore is your single point of contact for all your creative and event production needs. Our team rallies behind your cause, unified to deliver successful event outcomes.

Encore are masters of creative event productions. Our award-winning team of creative mavericks and curators, collaborates with you to bring our creative vision to life.  From theming, styling, decor, digital content, video animations and more. We integrate technology to enhance creative and guest experience.

Working with Encore means you get a seamless production partner, integrating all event creative, show-production, technology elements, bump-in/bump-out on your behalf – eliminating the need to manage multiple vendors and logistics.

Get your key messages across in a powerfully rich and engaging way. 

When we produce your event, we elevate attendee experience above all else: creating immersive, unforgettable, ‘glorious’ moments is both our focus and our forte.

How your event comes to life with Encore

How your event comes to life with Encore - 7 steps.

Why choose Encore for your creative production needs

With Encore you get value for money and Cost effectiveness icon


Our ability to negotiate discounts and avoid unnecessary expenses makes it a cost-effective choice. Our industry relationships and budgeting expertise ensures smart use of your budget, while a professionally organised event boosts future success and opportunities.
With Encore you get ultimate convenience


From the initial creative concept to flawless execution and beyond, we handle it all. This streamlined approach ensures convenience and ease for you, eliminating the need to coordinate with multiple vendors. With Encore, you can focus on your vision while we take care of the details, making your experience efficient, stress-free, and enjoyable.
With Encore you get peace of mind

Peace of mind

Event planning can be stressful, but Encore lightens your load by handling every detail. From vendor management to logistics and troubleshooting, we ensure everything runs smoothly. This allows you to focus on the big picture, engage with attendees, and enjoy the event, knowing professionals are managing the details.
With Encore you get unmatched experience and expertise

Expertise and experience

We bring a wealth of experience and specialised knowledge to your event, ensuring high-quality execution. Our expertise helps prevent common pitfalls and guarantees efficient resource use, saving you time and money.
With Encore you get creativity that ignites imagination

Creativity that ignites the imagination

Encore stays ahead of industry trends, bringing creative concepts and innovative solutions to your event. We devise unique themes, and inventive designs, making your event stand out and leaving a lasting impression on your attendees.
With Encore you get technical innovation

Technical innovation

We incorporate cutting-edge technology and inventive use of event equipment to bring the event to life. We have the largest inventory of corporate event technology in the world and have the most skilled technicians to deliver every aspect with split second accuracy.
With Encore you get precision production

Precision production

We incorporate cutting-edge technology and inventive use of event equipment to bring the event to life. We have the largest inventory of corporate event technology in the world and have the most skilled technicians to deliver every aspect with split second accuracy.

The Encore difference

Encore is a full-service event production partner invested in your success. 

We provide unmatched capabilities and a commitment to service excellence to ensure your events inspire, connect and engage. 

We stand out in the dynamic world of event planning by consistently meeting our clients’ needs and exceeding their expectations. Here’s how we make a difference:

Our team of seasoned professionals takes the time to understand your unique vision and goals, ensuring every detail aligns perfectly with your expectations. With Encore, you gain a partner dedicated to your success, making communication seamless and efficient.

We pride ourselves on reliability and ease of collaboration. Our proactive team delivers on promises without last-minute surprises, handling any issues promptly. At Encore, we don’t just meet expectations; we exceed them with innovative ideas and superior service, making your event extraordinary.

We provide high-quality solutions within your budget, offering flexible options that deliver on your brief without compromising on quality. Your investment is well-spent with Encore, giving you confidence and peace of mind.

Our team of difference makers

We employ and train the best event professionals in the industry. When you partner with Encore, you’ll be assigned a dedicated team of creative designers, AV technicians and event producers.

Creative Mavericks

Creative Mavericks

Meet the Magician…

Meet the ultimate event magicians who transform your dreams into unforgettable realities! Imagine a blend of artist, architect, and storyteller, turning ordinary spaces into extraordinary experiences. They’re creative visionaries, crafting your wildest ideas into jaw-dropping décor and immersive themes; transforming blank canvases into masterpieces and weaving a compelling narrative through every element of your event. 

Unleash the creativity and make your event unforgettable!

Technical Trailblazers

Meet the Tech Wizard

Meet the event technician – the wizard behind the magic! They’re tech wizards, transforming venues with cutting-edge lighting, sound, and visuals. They’re problem solvers, tackling glitches to keep the show running smoothly. They’re precision artists, fine-tuning every detail for a seamless experience.
Innovative and skilled, they bring the latest tech trends to make your event unforgettable! 

Experience the future of technical artistry!

Precision Producers

Meet the Maestro

Meet the event producer – the maestro of seamless events! Think of them as conductors, orchestrating every element into perfect harmony. They direct every detail, ensuring flawless execution from setup to final curtain call. They solve problems effortlessly, turning chaos into smooth experiences. They balance countless tasks, keeping everything in sync.

Experience poetry in motion with your perfectly orchestrated event!

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Take a peek inside the wonderworlds we've created for our clients.


"Encore Event Technologies proved to be an exceptional partner for our conference. Their understanding of our event needs and requirements were delivered with innovative ideas in creative production and flawless onsite execution. We are grateful for the passion and collaboration the Encore team brought to the partnership, “teamwork makes the dream work.” We have already started to engage with Encore to plan next year’s chapter of the event and we look forward to continuing our partnership with Encore for the future."
Florence Chua
Managing Director, APAC at PCMA Asia Pacific
Encore transformed our Top Secret Gala Dinner into an unforgettable experience. Their creativity and expertise were evident from the moment guests walked in... The immersive lighting, stunning sound, and dynamic staging turned the venue into a captivating space that left our guests in awe...The seamless transitions between different phases of the event kept our guests engaged, while their impeccable attention to detail ensured every aspect was perfectly executed. Working with Encore was a pleasure. They listened to our ideas, offered innovative solutions, and delivered a spectacular event that exceeded our expectations. Their technical showcase not only left a lasting impression on our guests but also created a powerful buzz that has positively impacted our brand and future sales opportunities.
Liz Bendeich
Director of Sales, Marketing & Events, National Convention Centre Canberra
"Encore exceeded all expectations with the execution of the 2024 Helloworld OMC Conference in Sydney. From the seamless delivery of our conference at the Hyatt Regency Sydney to the stunning Gala Dinner at the Overseas Passenger Terminal, every detail was meticulously crafted. Their creative design, audio-visual expertise, and lighting solutions were amazing, perfectly reflecting the conference theme, ‘A World of Opportunity.’ Encore’s dedication ensured a memorable experience, leaving attendees inspired and charged for the future."
Sarah Gerrand
GM Partnerships and Events, at Helloworld Travel

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