Can you feel it? It’s the most magical time of the year! 

For event planners, filling a room with merriment and seasonal goodwill at Christmas is one of the best gifts you can give your guests.

So how do you create a Christmas event to remember?

Start with a theme.

Recognisable and evoking emotion on the first glimpse, a Christmas event done well not only brings the beginning of the holiday season but a chance to relax, breathe in and celebrate the year past.

With a little foresight, your event can be more than just another party.

Santa is definitely coming to town with these 3 event styling trends for the 2019 Christmas season.

Winter Wonderland

Many of us will not have experienced the freshness and invigorating snowy Christmas. The cool and crisp shimmery brilliance of Mother Nature in one her finest moments.

With the right lighting, sound vision and styling, your event can be transformed patrons another world they might never want to leave.

  • Styling

Nothing says winter wonderland like an Ice Sculpture

If it’s within the budget an Ice sculpture creates an exquisite talking piece.

Let it snow. Scenic themed backdrops with glittering stars set the mood. Couple with white linens and gleaming silverware to create a magical aesthetic.

  • Colour and Palate

Silver, white and light blues for their icicle portrayal matched with glass and acrylic tabletop adornments all add a wintery influence. Add artificial twisted twigs covered, painted or frosted accordingly.

Rose gold adds a sense of luxe and matched with pinks and champagnes

  • Sensory Enhancement

A combination of warm lighting with accents of brightness, this winter Christmas scene will conjure child-like reaction.  If you’re thinking luxe with a shimmery edge, think Winter Wonderland.

Don’t forget the music. The icing on the cake are sounds reminiscent of ice skating, the jingle of sleigh bells in the distance and snowball filled days and the obligatory seasonal carol.

Back to Nature

Natural is the keyword with this warm and inviting theme. 

  • Styling

Hessian, ropes and wooden baubles create a natural theme with a sense of immediate comfort.  Throw in some authentic forest pieces and it’ll be a magical woodland Christmas. Pair the woods with soft materials, red berries and aged metals such as copper to create that warm feeling of Christmas.

Think Scandi with a touch of forest, or farmhouse with open fire backdrops. A real pine tree will add to the effect of a nature-themed Christmas.

  • Colour and Palate

Neutrals, beige and rope ornaments create warmth. Touches of red and green elements enhance a natural, wooded environment.

Decorate with natural and rustic tree decorations with red berry and pine table centrepieces. It’s all about re-creating a woodland look.

  • Sensory Enhancement

Give the impression of scampering woodland animals with sound effects or fit for purpose playlists. Candles scented with pine, or cinnamon will have guests ensconced in aromatic heaven.

Apple cider aperitifs make a nice start as an ideal pre-dinner treat.

Martini’s and Mistletoe

Cocktail events bring smiles to a lot of faces and a Christmas themed party gives people more reason to celebrate.

Red velvets and shimmering metallics matched with golden baubles, you can create an event offering some serious decadence.

Inspired by the grandeur of old, this theme is a warm-hearted nod to the traditional Christmas, with a touch of glamour thrown in.

Cocktails for Christmas is always a winner.

  • Styling

Red velvet backdrops and shimmering metallic décor and table settings. Glimmering golden baubles and red berries to enhance seating areas.

  • Colours and Palate

Go for black, gold and red decorations for that luxurious feel. Think formal event colourings, and table settings. Artificial flowers can offer an inviting element where real arrangements are not a seasonal option.

  • Sensory Enhancement

The perfect cocktail, and chilled relaxation music. Playlists which are modern with elements of jazz or blues help with creating a mood.

Create a sophisticated adult black-tie vibe, with a bit of cheeky thrown in, if you dare.

With many of us heading to seasonal parties and corporate events what better way to wow your audience than with a themed Christmas celebration.

It’s easy to keep the Christmas spirit alive and well.

Need help? We can assist with all styling expertise and audio-visual needs for your Christmas event.

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Let’s make some memories.


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