Legends Lunch 2020

Client: Tennis Australia
Venue: Grand Hyatt Melbourne, Melbourne
Date: February 2020

Tennis Australia hosted 250 VIPs, tennis legends and sporting greats at their annual Legends Lunch; this year honouring tennis great Tony Roche.

Encore has delivered this event for several years and wanted to continue to impress with a highly sophisticated event held in the Savoy ballroom at Grand Hyatt Melbourne. Tennis Australia requested the colour scheme to align with their infamous tennis blue, gold lines and a touch of red through the set design and event technology.

Three giant LED screens dominated centre stage; the centre screen was 6m x 3.5m and the two on either side were 5m x 1m. The stage had a complete makeover with white cladding added to the front and sides and white carpet installed on the stage floor.

The lighting wash of the room was a deep blue creating an intimate atmosphere.

Client Testimonial:

“We were incredibly pleased with this event as it delivered all we asked for. This event is highly important to us as it honours a great of the game and brings the sporting community together. The theming was incredible with every detail working to compliment each other.”


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