VULITARA: Encore launches Technical Training Program Empowering Fijian Talent

June 5, 2024
News Release

Encore in Fiji, proudly announces the launch of VULITARA, its dedicated technical training program aimed at fostering local talent and providing opportunities for the younger generation to thrive in the dynamic events industry.

Launch event highlights

The launch event was a vibrant and culturally rich celebration of the spirit of Fijian heritage and community. Held at Sofitel Fiji Resort and Spaon May 29, 2024, the event was a testament to Encore’s dedication to empowering local youth through education and opportunity.
The event began with a traditional Fijian welcome ceremony, featuring a meke dance performance that highlighted the cultural significance of the initiative. This was followed by formal introduction from Tim Keeling, Encore General Manager Pacific & Queensland, who emphasised the transformative potential of the VULITARA program.

Guests included community members from Somosomo village in the Yasawa islands, local dignitaries from Denarau, industry leaders, hotel managers and the aspiring trainees and their families, all of whom enjoyed the interactive sessions. One of the key highlights was the surprise presentation of the trainee’s personal gear, uniforms and equipment by three star players of the Fijian Dura national rugby team. . Next there was a live demonstration of Encore’s latest advanced technical production equipment the trainees will be learning.

The event also featured a cocktail function, allowing trainees and their families to connect with industry experts and mentors. This interaction aimed to inspire and motivate the young attendees, highlighting the supportive community that Encore fosters.

The launch event not only marked the beginning of the VULITARA Technical Training Program, but also celebrated the unity and collaborative spirit of Encore and the local community in Fiji. It reinforced Encore’s commitment to nurturing the next generation of industry leaders and contributing to the vibrant future of Fiji’s economy.

Program background

VULITARA, derived from the Fijian word for “Internship,” reflects Encore’s commitment to nurturing aspiring professionals and supporting their journey towards excellence. This initiative underscores Encore’s dedication to investing in the future of Fiji’s event production landscape.

The VULITARA program is designed to offer participants a comprehensive learning experience across various facets of event management, including customer service, sound engineering, lighting design, stagecraft, theming, sales strategies, and operational insights. Interns will have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience and develop essential skills under the guidance of seasoned industry professionals.

Our ultimate goal with VULITARA is to not only provide valuable training but also to integrate successful candidates into our full-time team,” says Tim Keeling, Encore General Manager Pacific & Queensland. “We believe in empowering individuals to reach their full potential while contributing to Encore’s mission of growth and expansion throughout Fiji.”

“We are excited to invite passionate and driven individuals to join us in shaping the future of Fiji’s event production industry. VULITARA is not just a training program; it’s a commitment to Fiji and its people.”

Encore prides itself on being more than just an employer; it’s a community where individuals are valued for their unique talents and contributions. Trainees participating in VULITARA can expect a supportive environment where they are encouraged to connect with their work, customers, and peers, fostering personal and professional growth.