The Circus comes to town for Consult Australia Awards for Excellence

October 30, 2018
News Release

Consult Australia held their annual Awards for Excellence at the Park Hyatt Melbourne on Wednesday 10 October 2018. The gala dinner was a spectacular experience for the 250 guests in attendance.

Guests were invited to a night at the circus where they were transported back in time to the late 1800’s to relive the Circus in its prime.

Greeting guests on their arrival was a butterfly parted red and white striped drape to simulate the opening of a circus tent welcoming guests to the wonders within.

To deliver the feeling of being “under the big top” a series of chiffon drapes in red and white, gathered in the centre of the ceiling, fanned their way across the ceiling to create a canopy over attendees heads. The drapery and ceiling was then lit in reds, whites and ambers to create additional mood and excitement. Beautiful red and white velvet drape were placed at the back of the stage to create a visual focal point and simulate the walls of the tent.

The theme continued with centrepieces consisting of a popcorn bucket base with a string of fairy lights emerging from the top to meet a large red or white helium balloon. The centrepieces were individually lit from the ceiling to add additional colour.

To complete the circus look, moving lights were hung from the ceiling to search across the crowd to simulate the “Roll up, Roll up” introduction of the Circus Ringmaster. These moving lights were also used to create a dramatic spotlight on the master of ceremonies for his opening performance as the Circus Ringmaster.

Mark Rock, Marketing Manager at Consult Australia commented,

‘We were very pleased with how this year’s Annual Awards for Excellence went. The Circus theming was extremely striking and the feedback on both the look and feel of the room was overwhelmingly positive.”

The event was truly a carnival for the senses creating an unforgettable experience for all.