Overwater holographics made event seen to be believed

February 13, 2020
News Release

A mesmerising and magical showcase of Encore’s custom holographic mesh screen product was delivered at the Intercontinental Sanctuary Cove Resort’s Lagoon Beach. The intimate event was held on 10 December 2019 with 50 exclusive guests including the venue executive team, venue staff, PCO’s and VIP clients.

The event’s aim was to completely wow guests with cutting edge technology by designing and producing a fully immersive experience inspired by Sci-Fi films, theatre and magic, while complementing the natural beauty of the outdoor event space. The biggest challenge was to design an innovative concept which did not interfere with the daily guest usage of Lagoon Beach.

Guests were immediately transported to an elegant paradise at sunset with sparkling wine on arrival at the Fountain Terrace and an impressive cocktail entrée showcase by Executive Chef Matt Hart.

Live acoustic music set the ambiance as guests made their way to Lagoon Beach. Guests were blown away with the intimate tropical dinner setting with LED centre pieces, elegant hessian style table runners and scattered shells in the centre of the table. Lighting added to the ambiance with a deep blue hue also nodding to the tropical surrounds.

Daniel Hazard, South East Queensland General Manager and Andrew MacColl, Concept Designer greeted guests and opened the evening. They welcomed Matt Rippin, General Manager, Intercontinental Sanctuary Cove Resort, to conduct the official launch; as guests were expecting him to approach the lectern they were shocked as he appeared to hover above the water in the centre of the Lagoon in a 12m x 2.4m holographic effect. The audience let out a collective gasp at the end of the presentation when a 10m projection of a shark appeared from the water.

Guests were fully captivated as a bespoke showreel designed by Encore’s motion graphic team, unveiled the vast potential of holograms. The animations ranged from fish, ballerinas, mime artists to disco balls and hashtags; with 2 x 20,000 lumen projectors providing a crisp and ultra-bright image. The audience were visibly in awe of the hologram as they watched the mystery and wonder of the projections.

The multitude of effects and the ability to implement the technology as a defining point of difference for events had guests in awe.   

What did the client say?

“Our Lagoon Beach is a defining feature of our resort, we wanted to add to the value of the space by implementing something completely new and entrancing. We asked Encore to deliver something that would wow our guests and enhance live performances. Never could we have imagined such an impressive event feature completely custom made for our event space. We were beyond impressed and excited about the possibilities of holograms in our events. “