Igniting the future of events: Encore partners with PCMA Asia Pacific’s Conference in Singapore

April 17, 2024
News Release

Encore Event Technologies APAC, the renowned leader in creative events production, showcased its unparalleled expertise and innovation at PCMA Asia Pacific’s The Business of Events Conference held in Singapore this week. With captivating creative project management, content creation across multiple visual touchpoints including media walls, plenary and break room stage sets, Encore ensured that the core message of Unbound was delivered throughout creative content and live in room experiences.

The highlight of Encore’s presence at The Business of Events Conference was its immersive exhibition stand, which transported attendees into a world of creativity and innovation. Featuring cutting-edge technology, interactive displays, and engaging visuals, the stand served as a testament to Encore’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of event design and experience.

“Our goal was to create an unforgettable experience that would inspire and engage conference attendees,” said Scott Nodsle, Managing Director APAC.

“We wanted to showcase the power of immersive event design and demonstrate how technology can be used to elevate the attendee experience, it’s not just about the technology but it’s about how it’s used to convey a message or trigger an emotion.”

In addition to its impressive exhibition stand, Scott Nodsle was joined on stage during the conference program by Encore’s Creative Director, Julz Partington who has become a regular presenter in the event industry speaker circuit throughout the APAC region.

Both Scott and Julz answered questions around the topic of ‘The Mindset of Innovation’ exploring the strategies for integrating innovation into customer partnerships, creative production and planning through to how Encore incorporates this strategy within our workplace ensuring that both our clients and talented teams are innovative and inspired to deliver world class service, think outside the box and ensure they are not just being AV order takers.

“Our comments were well-received by attendees, who were eager to learn how they could leverage the mindset of innovation to create more impactful events,” said Julz Partington. “We discussed the importance of staying ahead of the curve and embracing new technologies, but that the technology will only take you so far in your quest for innovation, you need the skill set and the talent behind the technology to be able to use the technology it to its full capabilities to evoke emotion, curate an event and inspire guests.”

Encore’s partnership with PCMA Asia Pacific’s, The Business of Events Conference reaffirms its commitment to driving innovation and excellence throughout the event industry. With its immersive exhibition stand and insightful contributions to the conference program, Encore continues to set the standard high for creative events experiences.

Florence Chua, Managing Director, APAC at PCMA was delighted,
“Encore Event Technologies proved to be an exceptional partner for our conference. Their understanding of our event needs and requirements were delivered with innovative ideas in creative production and flawless onsite execution. We are grateful for the passion and collaboration the Encore team brought to the partnership, ‘teamwork makes the dream work’. We have already started to engage with Encore to plan next year’s chapter of the event and we look forward to continuing our partnership with Encore for the future.”