Encore Wins Prestigious State Award for Spectacular Production at Amway China Leadership Seminar

May 7, 2024
News Release

Encore has been awarded the prestigious State (NSW) award in the Meetings & Events Australia Awards for Incentive Event of the Year for their production of the gala dinners for the 2023 Amway China Leadership Seminar. This award acknowledges the immense creativity, technical brilliance, and seamless teamwork that went into creating the stunning series of events for Amway’s Diamond-level top performers.

Over a two-month period from October to December 2023, a delegation of 10,000 Chinese visitors experienced a memorable and awe-inspiring series of events across New Zealand as part of Amway’s extensive recognition program. The celebrations culminated in 15 spectacular gala dinners held at two iconic venues: Auckland’s Viaduct Event Centre and Queenstown’s Ice Arena.

Encore’s award-winning production featured a stunning array of innovative technologies and creative design elements that left guests in awe. The highlight of the galas was a jaw-dropping visual spectacle that included a blended 180-degree projection screen, 80 spectacular table projectors, special effect lasers, snow machines, and multisensory interactive displays representing earth, water, fire, and air. The immersive content, seamlessly integrated into the event’s theme, showcased New Zealand’s natural beauty and Amway’s core values of harmony, wonder, and partnership.

During each gala dinner, the Viaduct Event Centre and Queenstown’s Ice Arena underwent dramatic transformations with breathtaking visual effects, including lava projections and stunning custom motion design content across both locations. Guests were treated to high-energy performances by Strings of Fire, JGEEKS, C-Pop singer Laurence Larson, and multimedia performers Vosper Tron, all perfectly choreographed to create a captivating and unforgettable experience.

Encore’s success in executing this complex and large-scale production is a testament to the team’s creativity, expertise, and dedication. The journey began one year prior with a competitive pitch and continued with meticulous planning, including initial design concepts, storyboarding, and first renders, leading up to the remarkable final galas.

Michael Magafa, Commercial Director APAC, was delighted with the win, commenting,

“I'm thrilled to share the fantastic news of our win! This achievement is more than just an award—it’s a testament to the hard work, creativity, and dedication that our team brings to every project."

Producing the gala dinners for the 2023 Amway China Leadership Seminar was an incredible feat. It challenged us to push the boundaries of what an incentive event could be, and I’m proud to say that our team rose to the occasion. We crafted a series of breathtaking experiences that not only celebrated the outstanding achievements of Amway’s Diamond-level performers, but also set a new standard for event production.”