Encore transports guests to an Enchanted Garden for the National Dental Care annual gala dinner

October 2, 2019
News Release

Guests were transported to a whimsical, fantasy land at the InterContinental Sanctuary Cove Resort for this year’s National Dental Care gala dinner. Every corner of the MacArthur’s Ballroom was transformed into an ‘Enchanted Garden’, enhanced by interactive elements creating a truly immersive experience. The creative challenge to Encore was to deliver something extra special that stood apart from the previous six events and made guests feel part of an exciting story from the moment they arrived. 

Guests arrived at what used to be the Fountain Terrace, but which now was a magical garden decorated with fairy lights scattered in trees, giant orbs floating on cascading fountains, foliage-printed balloons with vine strings floating around the space all hinting to the evening that lay ahead. Stilt-walkers dressed as woodland creatures greeted guests and led them down a magnificent winding path to the ballroom entrance, elegantly lined with twisted willow trees lining the staircase and cascading foliage and florals draping down the balustrades. 

The hero design feature in the room was the 4.5m tall artificial tree placed in the centre of the ballroom with branches covered in soft green leaves reaching over the tables with special gobo lights casting tree-like shadows around the room. The teal hue lighting continued the enchanted garden atmosphere and also a clever nod to National Dental Care’s brand colour. 

The entertainment was a huge part of this unique event, from fairies pouring champagne to woodland creatures roaming the room. There was even a fortune teller whispering good fortune amongst the three-metre tall trees in a special feature area of the room. Lush green AstroTurf covered the floor creating a designated game space with giant Jenga, chess pieces and mini golf. A giant floral wall sat on one side the room providing the perfect backdrop for guests to take pictures. 

Katie Jackson, Head of Marketing, National Dental Care said they really wanted to transport the guests to another world, and then Encore delivered on that. 

“It was an incredible event, our attendees were blown away. The event certainly transported our guests to an enchanted kingdom and everywhere you looked there was a new wonder to be seen.” said Ms Jackson.

Tony Chamberlain, Managing Director, Encore, congratulated the team in South East Queensland for delivering a spectacular event themed to perfection. 

“This event hit the nail on the head with not only the physical appearance of the event but the atmosphere that was created with the high level of attention to detail. We were asked to deliver an immersive party atmosphere and the team certainly delivered on that we did,” said Mr Chamberlain.