Encore launches video conferencing solution with a focus on service

August 28, 2019
News Release


Encore Event Technologies today launches Encore Connect, a professional video conferencing platform that makes staying connected for meetings and live events more convenient and cost effective.

Encore Connect enables meeting and event planners to link remote presenters or meeting attendees, no matter where they are around the world, instantly in HD quality.

This latest digital solution comes with a number of service enhancements to make the process seamless for clients, and further cements their position as leaders in event technology with a broad range of products and services.

The events industry is embracing technologies that allow greater access to the world’s best speakers by overcoming the barriers of geography, including time and cost. Using Encore’s new video conferencing service, international speakers and presenters can easily and seamlessly present, as though they were in the room.

Unlike other video conferencing solutions, with Encore Connect every conference or meeting, regardless of size, is fully supported by a technical assistant, providing peace of mind that everything will run faultlessly.

Encore has listened to market feedback which said, whilst many can see the potential benefits of using video conferencing for events and meetings, planners feel the risk of technical failures with lack of troubleshooting support outweighs the benefits.

The support provided by the Encore technician covers testing of audio and visuals prior to the commencement of the conference, setting up a meeting room early and allowing presenters to become familiar with the technology. The technician can assist at large conferences connecting a remote speakers, ensuring they appear perfectly on the big screen and audio levels are correct.

Andrew MacColl, Director of Innovation at Encore, says the advantage with Encore Connect, is there is a team member with the customer every step of the way.

“Meetings can be pressured environments and people just want to get on with their business. Even planners and MCs have enough to think about without having to work out the technical aspects, particularly if they don’t use it frequently or the remote speaker is having difficulties from their location.

“That’s why with our new service, clients can simply get on with their meeting while we deliver the best video conference experience every time.”

“Although video conferencing may not be new, we are doing it differently, our high level service is designed to ensure total satisfaction and seamless connections with every event delivered,” said MacColl.

Encore Connect is available in every venue where Encore is the in house AV supplier at over 90 locations offering unique technical support, HD video and audio features, as well as, screen sharing. The rehearsal feature aims to simplify video conferencing allowing one-on-one support to test the connection, audio and visuals.