Encore driving the transition to electric and hybrid vehicles

October 17, 2023
News Release

Encore has been focused on reducing our impact on the environment for may years and our endeavours have seen us awarded an EcoVadis accreditation.

In continuing these commitments, we are delighted to announce the launch of our new electronic vehicle in Auckland and are soon to be taking delivering of our first hybrid truck in Melbourne.

“We have been moving to more energy efficient vehicles for many years.”, commented Nathan Mckenzie, Operations Director APAC who is responsible for many of Encore APAC’s sustainable practices and projects.

“In line with the Government’s commitment to deliver a low emissions vehicle target Encore has begun is transitioning its current fleet of internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles to electric and hybrid technology.”

“Delivery of the new fleet is planned to continue, and as older vehicles reach the end of lease they will be replaced and we plan the new hybrid and electrical fleet will be fully implemented by 2026.”

Scott Nodsle, Managing Director of Encore APAC noted,
“The new fleet of electric and hybrid vehicles are an exciting and important development in Encore’s strategies to be more sustainable and is part of our focus on Environmental, Social, and Governance practices”.

Encore assessed several factors, including battery consumption, charging capability, vehicle handling, maneuverability and performance in a variety of traffic conditions, driver and passenger comfort, carrying capacity when selecting vehicles which make the least impact and also suit our teams’ needs and equipment moving requirements.

While the introduction of electric vehicles into the Encore fleet will initially cost more than that of equivalent internal combustion engine vehicles, savings in on running costs, including fuel and maintenance in addition to the many benefits to reducing our total emissions are expected.

Encore driving the transition to electric and hybrid vehicles