Encore donates not discards AV equipment: local Auckland high school delighted as Auditorium receives major upgrade

May 21, 2024
News Release

We are thrilled to announce an exciting project with Westlake Boys High School Auditorium, which saw Encore make a significant donation of audio visual equipment no longer in use in the business. Around 50 motorised theatre lighting units and other equipment has found a new home at the school, enhancing their capabilities for future productions.

Encore was upgrading the lighting rig at Auckland’s Cordis Hotel, and in doing so recognised that the installed motorised lights still had plenty of life left in them. Instead of discarding them, Encore made the decision to donate these units to the school.

The auditorium technicians are always looking for the best way to deploy their existing technology and the donated equipment will greatly enhance their existing systems. Additionally, students in the technical production classes will have the exciting opportunity to learn how to operate the advanced lighting units, further enriching their educational experience.

We eagerly anticipate seeing these lights in action during upcoming Westlake Productions. This donation not only enhances the school’s technical capabilities but also strengthens Encore’s commitment to ESG and our community.

We look forward to the school illuminating their stage with creativity and innovation in the years to come.

Encore donates AV equipment to Westlake Boys High School Auditorium P1040169 (1)