Encore delivers Playford TV to keep quarantine guests entertained, fit and relaxed

May 19, 2020
News Release

With over 300 returning travellers on their way to mandatory isolation, Encore and hotel staff at The Playford Adelaide MGallery by Sofitel quickly devised a creative solution to keep their guests entertained, fit and relaxed.

What originally started out as a simple idea to host a 1 hour trivia with guests, turned into a full blown TV station with constant content in a matter of hours.

When presented with the trivia, the Encore team took a simple question and went completely lateral with a solution. Laden with administration and communication hurdles and with only a day before guests arrived, the Encore team proposed using the hotel room TVs which every room was equipped with and it required no web links or invites to access the content – just a remote control.

The challenge was now how to allow for 2-way communication with all of the guests. The solution was a private Facebook group which every guest was invited to attend. The group allowed the hotel to communicate directly with guests and the guests between themselves. It was a fantastic platform that connected these strangers who were all experiencing the same situation. The group also allowed the hotel to quickly respond and address any guest feedback.

Within 24 hours, the quiz had evolved into a dedicated TV station that would run daily from 10am until 5pm broadcasting everything from live cooking demonstrations with a Playford chef to yoga, infant sensory sessions and magic shows.

“The concept snowballed from simply wanting to run a quiz, and with great community support we are now able to facilitate physical, intellectual, emotional and social wellbeing activities,” said Melanie Leyn, Director of Sales and Marketing at The Playford Adelaide.

One guest even ran a Zumba class from their room, while hotel staff became presenters, comedians and musicians.

“One of the front desk team members became a pseudo travel show presenter filming a tour of Adelaide’s iconic places and landmarks,” said Leyn.

“Considering some of the guests haven’t had a chance to even see the city this was the next best thing.”

Behind the scenes, the team at Encore Event Technologies were involved in the streaming of live content, recorded within the hotel. Other segments were pre-recorded and edited on site by Encore.

Encore’s in-house Event Staging Manager said,

“It was a great example of the Aussie spirit thriving at the hotel with everyone pitching in – from hotel staff and friends, to local fitness businesses, musicians and more, everyone contributed to the initiative.

“Our team took a simple question and went completely laterally with a solution. It was through Playford’s support that we were able to open new avenues to improve hotel room quarantine for their guests. After a few interstate hotels called to see what we were doing, we feel we have redefined the quarantine guest standard offering, especially from a health and wellbeing point of view. When developing the Playford TV and the associated Facebook group, our team focused on providing content to help people remain engaged with life while in isolation.”

It’s clear this considered approach to content resonated with guests who posted messages of gratitude on the Facebook group.

“We’ve been blown away by the messages of appreciation from guests on the Facebook group about their experience at the hotel,” said Leyn.

  • “The team at Playford have turned the most dreadful time into the most fun, peaceful, relaxed quarantine.”
  • “…your kindness and interest in keeping us sane was the most touching and reassuring. You treat us like humans and I am glad to have landed here.”
  • “Thank you for making us feel home, I don’t feel like going to mine now.”

The 14-day quarantine stay culminated in a live concert in the hotel, which was streamed via Facebook on 4 May with guests checking out the next morning.

Guests gathered on their balconies cheering and dancing to the music, ending their stay on a positive note.

“It was so gratifying being able to change what was expected to be a negative experience into something positive which they’ve said they’ll cherish forever,” said Leyn.

With the TV station a resounding success be sure to stay tuned for more Playford TV.