Encore and Hilton Sydney showcase the latest event industry innovations to creative an immersive experience to stimulate the senses.

May 4, 2023
News Release

Encore’s Creative, Technical and Production teams paired with Hilton’s first-class food and beverage service to produce an immersive experience for their esteemed guests at the Hilton, Sydney. The showcase on April 20 touched on all the senses through Encore’s innovative creative strategy and cutting-edge event technology that left an indelible impression on esteemed guests. After the event one guest, Marjolein Chandler the manager of Global Accounts at HelmsBriscoe commented;

“What to expect when you get an invite for the “immerse your senses” experience by Encore and Hilton Sydney? The answer: An evening where technology, creativity and culinary experiences intertwine and most of all fun and creating memories.”

The event was designed to demonstrate creative and innovative ways of how successful event execution can leave an indelible impression on a guest long after they have left and was attended by event industry leaders, VIP clients, and mainstream media personnel.

The pre-function area featured a bold cocktail bar, surfaced with dramatic black acrylic. Behind the bar sat a custom-built screen that was framed by layers of additional smaller plasma screens that announced the theme for the night; ‘Creating Immersive Experiences by Stimulating the Senses’.  As guests entered the semi dark ballroom, they were met by a neon light cage construction with black acrylic for a dramatic mirrored subphase, flanked by additional moving lights pre-programmed to specifical curated music with altering colours to complement the neon cage. Haze added drama to the look, enhancing the 3D aesthetic of the cube. Encased in the cage was a stunning ballerina, in traditional swan-lake style costume moving to moody atmospheric music  as guests mingled around the modular cocktail bar.

Past the networking areas that featured futuristic battery-operated LED table centrepiece lights, the guests were drawn to the sound of the rainforest, futurist and atmospheric sounds coming from around another darkened corner. Here they were met with a touch kiosk screen where they were able to choose their own immersive experience from Roses; Desert; Rain Forrest and Aura. On selecting their experience on the screen 9 room-high LED columns sprung to life displaying the creative in super-bright, animated custom designs. Each creative featured accompanying curated immersive audio that subtle changed when guests would walk through their chosen experience. The latest, ingenious, immersive audio speakers were placed on top of each column, delivering targeted sound which moved with guests as they passed through.

Finally, guests entered the end destination of the hero room where the presentation was held. It featured a large LED Wall measuring a total of 66 sq. m delivering unparalleled event technical sophistication. Guests were welcomed by MC Melissa Hoyer who introduced the Hilton and Encore teams hosting the event. In this space Encore delivered the latest technical innovations, immersive audio, modular 3D LED constructions and more during the presentation.

One of the guests, Helen Batt-Rawden, the Publisher/Managing Director of Business and Tourism Publishing commented,“The visual impact of Encore’s technical solutions definitely brought the ‘wow’ factor to the showcase event”.

Encore’s Creative Director, Julz Partington took to the stage to speak to the creative strategy and process that led up to the event as well as their inspiration of stimulating the five senses; sight with amazing visual experiences with lighting effects programmed to the music, sound with immersive audio moving around the room, sensory from the touch screens and other tactile elements, taste and smell both creative by the food and beverages from Hilton’s skilled chefs and cocktail staff.

Guests were treated to a dramatic performance performed by violinist, Melissa Voyias who played a neon lit, electronic violin alongside classical and ultra-modern music. Following the performance, guests were welcomed by Hilton GM Hayden Hughes and Encore’s Managing Director APAC, Scott Nodsle who both remarked on the incredible work of their teams in delivering the industry leading event.

Hayden Hughes the General Manager of Hilton Sydney, commented;

“Partnering with Encore has allowed Hilton Sydney to enhance guest experience with unique and immersive technologies that bolster our team to streamline logistics, increase efficiency and provide the highest level of service for the property’s MICE offering. This demonstration of innovation and forward-thinking cements Hilton Sydney as one of the city’s finest venues to host and cater for the widest variety of events and meetings,”

Scott Nodsle was similarly delighted, remarking;

“The event was an amazing demonstration of what can be achieved when you combined a first-class venue such as Hilton, with Encore creative, technical and production teams, plus a LOT of inspiration”.