Bringing mindfulness into the workplace

October 10, 2023
News Release

Encore has become more committed than ever to our team. Everyone is on a continuum when it comes to health and well-being, and as a company we want to help our team no matter what stage they are at. Whether that be through tips and tricks, professional help or engaging them in social challenges.

Today (10 October) is World Mental Health Day and so we thought this would be the ideal day to share a recent Encore Wellbeing initiative.

Encore Wellbeing

Encore Wellbeing – an internal business resource and support group – held its first ever mindfulness workshop.

The lunch and learn session was aimed at supporting and empowering team members with practical, life-changing tools and techniques around improving mental health.

The topic was ‘Bringing Mindfulness into the Workplace’ and focused on how mental health affects all of us – in every sphere of life – why it’s so important to discuss mental health in the workplace. The workshop highlighted the power of connection and community and how feeling safe, respected and understood is part of our basic needs (in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs) which can play a massive part in how we participate in our work.

The Mindfulness Workshop was facilitated by Wellbeing Leader for APAC, Darren Perrera (Regional Director of Event Technology) and was presented by Noosa based, Taylah Noble-Wilson (Director of Event Technology).

Taylah Noble-Wilson is a qualified 500-hour Yoga instructor, personal trainer, Reiki Master, NLP Practitioner & Life Coach, Lomi Lomi Massage Practioner and Breathwork Facilitator.

Taylah graciously shared her wisdom and insight on mental health and how to implement breathwork and meditation techniques to mitigate effects of stress on your nervous system. Talyah demonstrated a simple but highly effective breathing exercise known as ‘box breathing’ (i.e. breathe in for count of 4, hold for count of 4, breath out for count of 4 and hold for count of 4).

Taylah also emphasised how vital it is for everyone to create their own mental health plan – which involves making deliberate daily decisions – non-negotiables if you will – around maintaining good diet and nutrition, keeping fit and active, practicing meditation, having a positive mindset and self-talk, and prioritising a healthy work-life balance.

Bringing mindfulness into the workplace - feedback from the lunch and learn session

“We’re absolutely thrilled at the level of interest and feedback we received about the workshop….Taylah did a fantastic job in reminding us all, the importance of discussing mental health in the workplace”
– says Darren Perera (Regional Director of Event Technology).

The successful mindfulness workshop was held a week following company-wide participation of R U Ok day.

Encore Wellbeing is one of several business resource groups within Encore aimed at promoting a healthy, safe and inclusive environment for all our employees.

Encore is proud to be a Great Place to Work® certified organisation in 7 countries around the world including Australia and New Zealand.