Holding an event? Here’s how to get people going hashtag-crazy…

When it’s your responsibility to manage an event for your company, one thing you want to achieve is people talking about it. You want everyone at the event to share what they loved most, those joining virtually to feel part of the conversation – and for the event to trend globally on social media. That’s not much to ask for, right?

Through virtual word-of-mouth your event can have a lasting impact on your brand, company, industry or culture that resonates far beyond the attendees. If you could capture the energy in the room, bottle it, cultivate it, multiply it, and send it out into the world like a social media snowball, you would!

That’s where audience-engagement tool Event Feed comes in. As the event buzz builds in the room and on social media, the purpose-built software captures the social posts that utilise the event hashtag on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and displays the posts on a screen at the event – after live moderation of course. Even those who are tech-adverse can join via SMS, so audience members find it almost impossible not to participate.

Social conversations lift the impact and influence of the event outside the walls of the venue – with guests capturing and sharing their favourite moments, keynote insights or sporting goal via their social channels. This starts a conversation with like-minded people across state or national boarders who want to talk about your event, key messages and brand. The broad appeal of social media makes Event Feed perfect for any event, from conferences and corporate events to concerts, social or sporting events – right for any occasion where you want people talking.

Imagine your event’s entire social conversation captured in one single thread, attracting others from inside and outside the event to the conversation. Event Feed is Encore’s digital solution to keep your audience talking. It allows actual and virtual event audiences to join the art of conversation. It is a great and simple way for people who are not physically present to get involved; even webcast attendees or fans watching from home can be part of the conversation.

Online, every topic has an audience. Make them yours.

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In late 2014, a digital summit held by a major Australian telecommunication company explored the idea that the world is rapidly moving toward a complete digital takeover. They wanted technology that would give the audience in the room and around the world a voice to participate.

With Event Tweet the event hashtag to trended No.1 nationally and No.2 globally on Twitter.

At the event, Event Tweet kept the conversation going in real time, displaying live tweets, which included the dedicated event hashtag.

Proving that content is king, attendees were highly engaged in the event, tweeting key insights from presenters, quotes from the speakers, opinions about the discussion and reviews of the event.

Posts were monitored live and sent to key touch point screens across the venue, it was also pushed through to the YouTube stream of the event during speaker breaks.

The client was seriously impressed with how Event Tweet was able to encourage and capture real event participation, allowing the bar for

delegate engagement and delivery of their key messages to be raised to a new high.

The event trended in Australia and globally with over 3,000 tweets shared accruing a reach of over 1.1 million!

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