Encore treated guests at this year’s 2024 Air and Space Power Conference to an LED odyssey.


The Brief

The sky was the limit for this year’s brief to event production specialists, Encore, who were appointed the task of designing and delivering the 2024 Air and Space Power Conference. Having delivered the prestigious biennial event twice before, Encore was familiar with the production standard the event and its guests had come to expect. Presented only with a static graphic of the event’s proposed branding, whilst also relying on Encore’s past experience delivering the event, it was an open brief for their in-house team at the National Convention Centre Canberra.


The Solution

With all eyes on the stage, it was the focus for Encore’s design solution. This year the team opted for an all LED set design rather than projection. The aim was creating a look that was uniform and capable of delivering an incredibly bright experience that not only immersed guests in a space-travel-inspired experience, it also brought to life the colours and vibrancy in the event’s branded content more so than what projection could. This LED story continued right across the stage, including the digital lecterns and digital fascia on the presenter panel creating a seamless content display. Another key design element was creating depth and dimension using multiple levels and curved staging. It wouldn’t be a space themed event without the all-important star-cloth which the team added either side of the stage to frame the set. The event’s branded graphic also influenced the lighting design which used the same colours along with moving GOBOs of aeroplanes flying over the stage flooring. Haze was also strategically used throughout the event to add another layer that mimicked a cloudlike effect.


The Result

Encore’s render-to-reality service played a pivotal role in communicating the end design concept. Better still, what was delivered on show day was exactly what was rendered. It’s this peace of mind which is why Encore is trusted with delivering events of this calibre year on year.

The team is still receiving glowing feedback from delegates and speakers about how successful and enjoyable the event was.

The event planners at Air Force Events are already looking forward to seeing what Encore delivers for their next event.

“I don’t know how you’ll be able to top this off in two years’ time. The LED screen made a huge impact. Everyone was talking about it!

“What I also really valued was the 3D renders. They allowed us to visualize every detail, from the layout and design to lighting and décor, giving us a clear picture of the final result and peace of mind our idea will be what’s delivered.”

Encore welcomes the challenge.


Elevating The Business of Events with Innovation

Brief: PCMA Asia Pacific aimed to host a conference in Singapore that would set new standards for the events industry, requiring innovative solutions to engage attendees and deliver an unforgettable experience.

Solution: Encore APAC partnered with PCMA Asia Pacific to ignite the future of events at The Business of Events ‘Unbound’ Conference in Singapore. Leveraging its expertise in creative production, Encore crafted an immersive exhibition stand which captivated attendees and showcased the alliance of cutting-edge technology together with creative interactive content.


Encore immersive experiences unveiled PCMA BoE

In addition to its impressive exhibition stand, Scott Nodsle was joined on stage during the conference program by Encore’s Creative Director, Julz Partington who has become a regular presenter in the event industry speaker circuit. They answered questions on the topic of ‘The Mindset of Innovation’ exploring the strategies for integrating innovation into customer partnerships, creative production and planning through to integrating it in the Encore workplace ensuring that both our customers and talented teams are innovative and inspired to deliver world class service and think outside the box, ensuring they are not just being AV order takers.

PCMA BoE Scott and Julz

Result: Encore’s presence at The Business of Events ‘Unbound’ Conference left a lasting impression on attendees, solidifying its position as a trailblazer in the event industry throughout the region. There immersive exhibition stand and insightful presentations by Encore’s leadership team received positive feedback, inspiring our industry and demonstrating the power of a creative production partner in events. It’s not about the technology but rather more about how the technology can be used by our creative production specialist to evoke a feeling, create a memory or convey a message. By partnering with PCMA for the Business of Events conference, Encore showed the event organisers and industry alike that the answer to a successful event is, finding the right partners who can understand your brand, your message and your event purpose and help you deliver unparalleled experiences. Encore reaffirmed its commitment to driving innovation and excellence within the events space throughout APAC.

Florence Chua, Managing Director, APAC at PCMA was delighted,

“Encore Event Technologies proved to be an exceptional partner for our conference. Their understanding of our event needs and requirements were delivered with innovative ideas in creative production and flawless onsite execution. We are grateful for the passion and collaboration the Encore team brought to the partnership, “teamwork makes the dream work.” We have already started to engage with Encore to plan next year’s chapter of the event and we look forward to continuing our partnership with Encore for the future.”

Scott Nodsle, Managing Director Encore APAC, commented,

“The Business of Events Conference was a fantastic opportunity for Encore to showcase our expertise and innovation in creative event production. It was truly a team effort, and I’m incredibly proud of our collaboration with PCMA Asia Pacific. Together, we set new standards for event experiences and left a lasting impression on attendees. I look forward to future collaborations and further pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the event industry.”

Conclusion: Through its partnership with PCMA Asia Pacific, Encore Event Technologies APAC showcased its unparalleled expertise and innovation, setting new standards for creative production. By pushing the boundaries of event design and embracing new technologies, Encore continues to elevate the future of events and inspire industry professionals worldwide.