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Have you ever wondered what your participants are really thinking and feeling during meetings and events? 

What if you could view your event from their eyes? 

With XPAI, now you can! 

XPAI is revolutionary AI technology combining sophisticated hardware and software to gather anonymised data on participant analytics, including insights on behaviour and preferences in different activity areas that can help you improve future events and drive better outcomes.

Elevate your events and harness the power of AI-driven insights

Using XPAI unlocks numerous benefits including the ability to seamlessly track attendance, engagement, and participation levels of each participant, helping you to identify the success of sessions and activity areas. 

You can also gather feedback from participants in real-time, to help you tailor your presentations, adjust your communication style, and make more informed decisions about your meeting project.

Understand your audience better

XPAI is suitable for all types of events and uses perception and engagement insights to produce an experience score, segmented by:

  • Session type
  • Age group
  • Gender

Data captured by XPAI sensors is anonymised before it is analysed within the platform. XPAI is GDPR compliant as no data is captured to identify an individual.

Zone performance insights

See and measure the reactions of your audience in different areas such as conference rooms or networking spaces – in real time. Know what your guests are interested in to design and optimise your spaces more efficiently.

Understand people count & dwell time.

Gather data on the total number of people visiting you and narrowing it down to the most or least crowded zones. Be informed about how much time visitors spend in each zone.

Understand time of day and day of the week.

Analyse different slots to identify what are the best times to get the attention of your visitors. Learn how different days affect the perception of your event. Identify the best hours of a day and run your most important activations during this time.

Understand perception at and within different zones.

See if your visitors are happy or not at your speaker area, networking area or at the sales booth. Build better emotional connections to increase the satisfaction of your audience.

What does XPAI measure and how does it work?

In conjunction with demographic analytics and zone analytics, XPAI measures the perceptions and engagement levels of your attendees.

XPAI measures and provides analytics on the event experience as seen through the eyes of your participants. How are they feeling - are they showing signs of being positive, negative, neutral or indifferent. XPAI allows you to know which parts of an event are enjoyed most, by demographic, enabling data-driven decision making to enhance and personalise the participant experience.


Is your audience focused, are they distracted somehow? With advanced face and eye tracking analytics you will have insights about how engaged your audience is allowing you to tailor your presentations, adjust your communication style and make more informed decisions about your meetings.

Once captured, data analysis takes place within the software and we produce, and share, a detailed event report. 

Within the report, XPAI makes suggestions based on the data to improve and personalise the participant experience.

Hardware enforced anonymisation

Keep your sensitive data secure from the start with the AVAI One Sensor. An XPAI invention (patent pending), this state of the art technology anonymises data the instant it’s generated by the sensor, without ever forming an image.

XPAI hardware enforced anonymisation

Key Benefits

Personalised Experiences

Gather data on interests, preferences, and behaviour.

Increased Engagement

Identify areas where participants may be disengaged and provide recommendations on how to improve engagement.

Real-time Feedback

Gather real-time feedback and get a complete view of engagement at every point throughout an event.

Improved Event Planning

Gather data on participant behaviour and preferences to optimise event planning and make more informed decisions.

Enhanced Marketing

Better target marketing efforts and improve the effectiveness of campaigns.

Improved Event Content

Identify areas where participants are most interested and tailor event content to meet these interests.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about XPAI

No. XPAI holds the ePrivacyseal certification, indicating thorough examination by data protection and security specialists. This certification confirms compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) standards for digital products.

XPAI only stores anonymous data, such as age group or engagement level, which cannot identify any individual.

XPAI’s sensor is a closed system – capturing, transfer and processing happens on the device itself. 

Although using the camera infrastructure you already have sounds very tempting, a lot of things can go wrong, e.g. criminals can get into your camera system since it has its own operating system and data is not anonymised at the point of data creation. This way, somebody can get access to the video footage and violate the data privacy of your attendees/customers.

Starting price from $10 per participant. However, the final price depends on your exact needs. To give you an accurate quote we would need information about the type and size of your event, space size, time coverage and the expected number of people to be analysed.

Only XPAI offers an easy-to-use solution. With assistance from an Encore technician, you’re ready to go within seconds.

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