Navigating Event Apps

Apps for events of all sizes have become the industry norm. There are advantages to using an app over traditional methods of conveying important event information. An obvious one to the event manager of using an app compared to traditional methods of conveying event information to your audience are easy to list; no more printing costs and any schedule changes are instantly updated.What’s not as obvious is the value that event attendees gain from using an event app.

With over 98% of Gen X and 91% of Baby Boomers taking their smartphone to an event, it’s time you started tapping into this valuable touch point. If you’re considering using an event app for your next event, download this helpful guide today.

In this helpful guide we cover:

• What is an app
• Essential Features of an event app
• Getting your attendees to use the app
• The benefits of an app for recurring events
• Getting the most ROI from an app