Multi-Sensory Experiences

Did you know brand impact increases by 70% when three or more senses are engaged at event?

Our experience of the world involves a number of senses – sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell. These senses are not isolated from one another. In fact, awareness of our surrounding environment is the result of all five senses working together.

Creating sensory experiences at events allows planners to grasp attention, increase recall, inspire conversation and overall a truly memorable experience.

Whilst the power of engaging the five senses is commonly known by event managers, studies reveal applying the theory into practice is lacking. Download the free guide today and discover how event planners are embracing sensory stimulation to truly immerse audiences and make for one memorable event.

In this guide you will learn how you can design multi-sensory experiences to captivate your audience through:

• Sight
• Sound
• Taste
• Touch and
• Smell