Gesture Control

Imagine being able to reveal and control your on-screen content with the wave of your hands, or activating sound effects when your attendees walk by your stand.

Gesture control is one of the latest techniques event producers are using to create new experiences for attendees. Being able to control your on-screen content using touch and gestures opens a world of new opportunities to inspire, motivate, educate and reward your attendees. And the best part is, it’s affordable and doesn’t require high-level technology to use!

It includes everything from projected interactive computer animations that are altered by a presenter’s movements, through to sound effects built into props that play when a person is detected in close proximity. In uniting the tactile with the creative, the movements and positions of both people and objects can be used to trigger any kind of multimedia content – the trick is in knowing how and when this technique is best used, and how to go about creating the right kind of content to best exploit it.

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In this guide we reveal the magic behind Gesture Control:

• Types of sensors
• The technology behind it
• What content is best and how you create it
• Applications and ideas from real events