Why 1s and 0s make Dollars & Sense

A theatrical set is a combination of engineering, practicality and imagination that, at its best, becomes part of a show’s narrative. Some sets become iconic, and forever associated with their production; the rotating barricades of Les Misérables, the boat making its way through a sea of candles in Phantom of the Opera, the helicopter taking off from the stage in Miss Saigon.

As each new technical innovation comes to live theatre, designers eagerly put it to use to create new experiences for their audience. The recent revolutions in LED screens, high powered projectors and real time computer manipulation of high resolution video has opened up a gigantic digital toolbox with almost limitless possibilities for imagery.

In this helpful guide we cover:

• How to set the scene and use digital banners effectively
• How to choose the right content for your audience
• New technologies innovation to make your event stand out