Calculating Bandwidth for meeting and event planners

Do you know how much bandwidth you’ll need for your event?

Every event or meeting you attend today will include some sort of digital event technology. Whether it be an event app, webcasting, live polling, social media integration or even just access to Wi-Fi for access to the internet and emails. Internet connectivity at events is no longer a bonus, it’s an attendee expectation. and as event planners look for new ways to collect invaluable data whilst providing attendees with a more dynamic, personalised experience, this inclusion of event technology is only going to increase. It is crucial you have allocated enough internet bandwidth to withstand the demand.

The cost for Internet bandwidth varies between venues so remember to allocate some of your event budget and discuss the rates during your meetings with potential venue partners. We’ve created a simple guide to help you calculate how much bandwidth you’ll require for your events.

In this guide we you will learn:
• What bandwidth and Wi-Fi are
• How to estimate how much bandwidth you’ll need (infographic)
• What questions to ask your venue
• Helpful tips in managing bandwidth use