Westfield AGM

The Project

Encore Event Technologies were briefed by the Westfield Trust to create a landmark AGM that built on and surpassed previous years. The team managed and delivered the AGM across a range of event components, including event staging and webcasting of the proceedings to stakeholders, the media, and analysts around the world.

The Solution

Having partnered with Westfield Trust on AGMs in the past and with experience in delivering complex webcasts, Encore Event Technologies assembled a team including a project manager who provided one, dedicated point of contact. We worked with the venue to design an audio visual and lighting concept that best utilised the venue's equipment.The webcast allowed a board member in St Petersburg to participate in the AGM by creating a live video conference which was broadcast to shareholders at the venue through the large video screens, and around the world through the webcast. Within 20 minutes of the AGM being streamed live, the content was available as an on-demand webcast on the Westfield website.