NSW Teachers Federation

NSW Teachers Federation Strike

The Project

The NSW Teachers Federation needed to speak to all of its members and fast. Everyone wanted to hear the message and needed to be able to vote on the outcome before they could take any action. Encore Event Technologies were engaged to provide the crucial webcast link between over 50 000 teachers across NSW.

The Solution

Teachers throughout NSW met in RSL Clubs, town halls and other meeting areas to join their colleagues via the live video feed. The live video stream solution needed to be as such that even those smaller towns with limited internet connection could receive the best quality of delivery. We designed a solution which meant everybody could watch the proceeding.
In the hub location in Sydney Town Hall, we set up five cameras on 150 meter long runs to capture all the action including speeches from the President of the NSW Teachers Federation. The team of 19 controlled live crosses to audience members for live reactions creating a conference solution that allowed everyone to be involved no matter where they were.