Novotel Barossa Valley

Carnival Inspired Cocktail Dinner

The Project

The client wanted to mark the end of a two day conference at the Barossa Novotel Resort with a memorable and fun cocktail dinner. Our Adelaide team were challenged with creating a carnival inspired cocktail reception and only had 1 hour and 30 mins to set from conference to doors.

The Solution

Our stylist in Adelaide was conscious that they only had a short amount of time to set the room so erecting and bumping in AV equipment would have been too time consuming. Alana instead choose props, balloons, bunting and carnival carts full of pop corn, candy floss and lollies to create the look. The centre piece of the evening was a giant clown decal which framed the entrance and was draped with a heavy red curtain. Repurposing the room from conference set up to carnival playground helped change the mood from business to celebratory partying and set the scene for a memorable evening.