AMWAY Sales Kick Off

The Project

Encore Event Technologies has had the pleasure of delivering the AMWAY incentive program four times. In the most recent event, we were tasked with the challenge of delivering the four waves of business sessions at All Phones Arena. A technically complex series of events, the team designed and built the bespoke set as well as provide the technical specifications.

The Solution

With every event comes challenges but the technical team went above and beyond with the solution for this kick off event. In the midst of planning the business session the venue was booked for a gala dinner on the second night of the four day event. The bespoke set, weighing several tonnes and the intricate technical set up would take at minimum two days to bump in and conservatively one day to remove. As the dinner couldn’t be moved, the team worked with the client to design and build a revised bespoke set and technical specification layout. This new design was such that it allowed for the set along with the housing of the equipment and support, to be flown into the ceiling of the venue and stored during the dinner and eventually returned to the same position in time for the next day of business sessions.