Holographics: How to create mind-bending 3D illusions at your event

Hologram at Events
If you saw Australia’s own Dami Im perform at the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest, or Lady Gaga duet with the late David Bowie at the Grammys, you’ve seen the amazing potential of this technology to astonish audiences. The technique includes a Holographic Mesh Screen - an invisible, metallic coated screen that when hung on your stage becomes a vehicle for 3D content to appear in thin air. It is unique because it doesn’t require any special rigging or reflective floor space to project onto, and can be used in most venues. 

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9 important things you'll unlikely think of when planning your company AGM

Company AGM Production TipsPlanning an Annual General Meeting (AGM) is an amazingly complicated and detailed task. Whilst you may feel completely organised with your T’s crossed and I’s dotted, on the day all of your hard work could easily come undone by anything from a faulty microphone to a wobbly chair. An AGM with an experienced event services provider is the only way to make sure everything is covered and cared for, especially when the unexpected happens. There are things that only an event services provider experienced in organising AGMs knows to anticipate before you even know you need them. 

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Technologies transforming live events: An overview of what you need to know

The right technology can take your event from good to great. It can help you create immersive, engaging events that everyone talks about and help you better communicate and connect with your audience. It can wow your audience during a presentation, turn entertainment into a piece of art, enhance stage sets to become amazing visual experiences, or engage your audience by making them active participants. 

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7 steps to choosing an engaging conference theme

Corporate ThemingTheming is fundamental to the conceptualisation and delivery of every successful event – your theme sets the tone for the entire experience and drives all subsequent planning decisions. The theme is the first impression people will have of your event. So how do you choose a conference theme that is fresh, appealing and on brand? A meaningful concept behind your event helps to direct your planning, keeps your messaging on track, drives audience engagement and delivers on your business objectives.  

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Le Petite Chef Comes to Pullman Reef Hotel Casino Cairns

Imagine seeing a lobster crawl across your lunch plate,  waves crashing against your wine glass and schools of fish swimming beneath your plate as you dine. It’s an unforgettable experience that would last a lifetime and that was exactly the brief to Encore Event Technologies.  

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How table projection mapping can be used in events for branding, personalisation, and story telling

Everyone in events is familiar with large-scale projection mapping; on buildings, on stage, and at activations. But there’s almost limitless potential to tell your story on a much more personal scale. Sharing a meal is one of the most intimate human social rituals, and projection mapping onto the dinner table is emerging as a fantastic way to communicate, delight, and impress your audience. 

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Delivering Multi-Sensory Experiences at Events


Our experience of the world involves a number of senses - sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell. These senses are not isolated from one another. In fact, awareness of our surrounding environment is the result of all five senses working together. Over the years, countless studies have proven sensory stimulation plays a large part in memory formulation and association. For years retailers have embraced these findings and implemented sensory experiences into their marketing in an attempt to boost sales, reinforce branding and improve the overall customer experience. Similarly with event technology, we’re seeing the impact of consumer marketing trends act as the driving force behind the event experience.

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Affordable Event Technologies For Conferences That Give A Rich Experience

Affordable Event Technology for Conferences
Organising a stellar event doesn’t always require a big spending. If you’re managing a conference on a shoestring budget, combining the proper amount of technology and ingenuity will result in an event that satisfies your professional endorsers and your attendees whilst also bringing focus to your company’s brand and mission; and the overall purpose of the event. As leaders in event technology and production, Encore Event Technologies are experts in providing event solutions that best meet your event objectives within the given budget. 

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Every technical aspect that Encore Event Technologies (formerly Staging Connections) was involved with ran perfectly. It was a pleasure to work with you and such dedicated and experienced staff.

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