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Encore Event Technologies provide award-winning audio visual solutions for corporate events. As the largest event services provider across the Asia Pacific we are your one-stop-shop for all your AV needs so you can sit back relax and let our dedicated technical teams do the rest. With the latest technology and over 30 years of experience combined with our creative minds, we’ll deliver your message in exciting ways you didn’t think possible. After all, it’s not just the story; it’s how you tell it.

As events professionals, we’re always looking for new ways to make presentations more memorable, tell stories and capture our audience’s imagination. Interactive technologies can create the opportunity to interact in a real way with AV technologies like projections, animations, video, and sound. Encore Event Technologies uses technology in a creative way to continually craft unique and memorable event experiences. Having our own in-house production team we have the capabilities to develop bespoke technology for events. Below is a snapshot of some of the ways we have used interactive technology to create deeper engagement for attendees.

Gesture Control Technology for Events

Gesture Control

Gesture control, a new field with amazing potential for presenters and audiences alike, is one of the most exciting developments in AV technology in years. The technology recognises movements of the body in order to control a computer system without direct physical contact like pushing a button or clicking. The technology's most well-known use is in Xbox 360 games, which enables the user to control the system without touching a controller. Since its launch, this sensor-based technology has been adapted for applications in all kinds of brands at many different types of events. Gesture technology can be used to create really engaging presentations. At a conference for example, the technology can be used to track the movements of the presenter so that they can control a slide show displayed on a large screen simply by moving his hands. Brand marketers are also using gesture technology to engage consumers at events with entertaining, interactive experiences that also prompt users to share the experience on their social networks. An example might be at an Ashes cricket game, where attendees can bowl a ball at the star batsman and then post their speed on the big screen. 

Case study: Add some colour to your presentation 

Encore partnered with an international paint company to deliver their annual sales event. A major aspect of the incentive event was integrating an experiential tactic the client commissioned in India where they teamed up with local artists to transform old, run-down buildings into amazing artworks. At the major event, the company’s president wanted to talk about the project. We used ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos of the buildings, and gave the president an ordinary paintbrush. Using a motion tracking camera, we followed the movement of the brush as he held it. We projected the ‘before’ photos, and as the president pretended to ‘paint’ the buildings, their new artwork was ‘painted’ onto them, making it look like the president was creating the artwork in real-time with his brush. 

Motion Sensing Technology

Motion sensors, can measure rotation, tilt, acceleration, vibration and impact. They can be used to determine which way an object is physically positioned in the real word in order to match the movement or position on screen. It delivers content live and gives a free-flowing feel to the content as delivered by the presenter. It’s great for reveals and demonstrations of products. Motion sensors can be used to great effect in conference presentations to deliver content in a really dynamic way or to demonstrate a product by hand that is then displayed as a 3D display on the large screen on stage for all to see.

Case study: Make your presentation dynamic

In the same event outlined above, our technical team inserted a motion sensor in a paint can. As the can was moved and rotated by the presenter, the 3D image of the can was shown on screen mimicking the exact movements of the presenter. 

Touch Screens for Events

Touch Screens 

Large scale digital displays with many of the same capabilities of a computer are becoming common place at events. They can be used for so many things, from on-site registrations, to interacting with a microsites or participating in a competition. The beauty of using Touch Screen technology to present your content is you can bet the majority, if not all, of your attendees will know how to interact with it. We intuitively know how to use touch screens based on other devices using a touch interfaces, and so they require no skills with computers or programs to use them and create more opportunities for attendee engagement and interaction. 

Case study: Enhance learning and engagement 

At the 2017 Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race our team worked with local tourism bodies by positioning several Touch Kiosks - large touch screens - around the race finishing area and invited spectators to interact with and learn from the content shared. Participants accessed a variety of fun and informative content such as race information and race leaders as well as Tasmanian tourist information to help attendees learn about the local attractions available to them. It was a simple, yet highly engaging approach to present the content far beyond anything a printed brochure could do. 

Virtual Reality for Events

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality technology is getting more sophisticated and accessible by the day with the pace of demand to match. The technology enables you to create an entirely life-like digital experience that is immersive and provides an opportunity for unique interaction and content engagement. If you are looking for an exciting way to inform and entertain your attendees at a conference, exhibition, gala or seminar - a VR experience can do just that. 

Case study: Go virtual 

Brands are using VR to help consumers interact with products virtually, visit travel destinations or environments they’ve never been to, and experience concerts or sporting events first-hand, all whilst never leaving your event. The exciting thing is, we’ve only just scratched the surface of VR’s potential with new applications and improvements entering the market every day. If your brand wants to be perceived as an innovative leader - this is the technology for you.

Tailored AV packages for events

Event Apps

Mobile apps are a great way of delivering informative, engaging and interactive content for events. Encore offers a free event app for all of our clients. Thanks to the simple client-managed technology, we make it as simple as possible to create your own app for every event.

Cumulus is a free event app that lets event planners easily share relevant event information with attendees, instantly. The genius of Cumulus is its simplicity. Designed with the busy event planner in mind, Cumulus allows you to swiftly upload and communicate everything from agendas and downloads, to sponsorship information and much more.

Say goodbye to endless print-outs of agendas, speaker bios or directions and say hello to Cumulus: your event in the palm of your hand.

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We love events.
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We’re local, wherever you are.
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Creativity is in our DNA.
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