Transform your event with Scenic Panels

Encore's latest styling product offers a versatile and cost-effective solution to transform the look of any event space.

What are Scenic Panels?

Transforming your event look with decorative Scenic Panels
Scenic Panels are the latest innovation in event styling and turn any surface or space into an intricate feature. The laser-cut panels are cleverly designed to interlock allowing them to be used in a variety of ways. Whether using a large number of panels for panoramic stage elements and backdrops, or smaller numbers for entrance features, room dividers, exhibition stands or just decoration, these panels deliver a beautiful visual effect.

Event Styling with Scenic Panels

A versatile styling solution for all events

Scenic Panels are designed for both corporate and styled events

Available in an on-trend range of 2D and 3D patterns, the affordable styling product adds depth, drama and impact to any event. From simple and elegant through to bold statement designs our range of Scenic Panels are suitable for both corporate and styled events. Encore can even create custom Scenic Panel designs to suit your event’s theme. 

When combined with washes and coloured lighting effects, Scenic Panels add texture, movement and that all-important ‘wow’ factor to any event design.

Scenic Panels Stage backdrop

Sophisticated styling for corporate events and conferences

From stage backdrops, to expo booths Scenic Panels turn any surface or space into a feature.

Scenic Panels’ inter-locking design delivers an infinite number of formations and uses. Add some flair to your conference or corporate event by using Scenic Panels as:

  • A stage backdrop or set styling feature.
  • An efficient and cost-effective way to easily transform a room from conference to gala dinner.
  • A unique design for registration desks, exhibition booths or retail design.
  • A clever room divider to section your room and create intimate spaces for networking areas, lounges or bar areas.
  • A way to turn bare venue walls or room entrances into decorative features.
  • A curtain or frame for showcasing a new product at launch events.

Scenic Panels Ceiling Installation

Add the finishing touches to your gala event

Scenic Panels are designed to complement and enhance the look of styled events.

Transform your awards night, gala dinner or other styled events, by using Scenic Panels as:

  • A stunning stage set, skirting, or as a finishing touch to enhance your stage look.
  • A way to dress the venue walls to make any space feel fresh and integrate the event design.
  • An entrance feature to make a memorable first impression.
  • A room divider to create areas within your gala dinner for lounge zones, auction items, bars or mingling area.
  • A ceiling installation to create an impactful look that’s sure to impress your guests.
  • A decorative photo backdrop for guests as they walk down the red carpet. We can even project the event/company logo onto the Scenic Panels for branding.

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Scenic Panels are available through-out Australian and New Zealand. Get in touch with us today to find out more about how Scenic Panels can enhance the look of your next event.

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