Westfield Trust - Webcasting


Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre

In 2010, the Westfield Trust celebrated its 50th Anniversary. To mark the occasion and to respond to the higher than usual media profiled created by the 50th Anniversary, the Westfield Trust wanted to create a landmark AGM that built on and surpassed previous years. Westfield Trust needed a team it could rely on to respond to the occasion by managing and delivering their AGM across a range of event components, including event staging and webcasting the proceedings to stakeholders, the media, and analysts around the world.

Having partnered with Westfield Trust on AGMs for the past seven years and with experience in delivering complex webcasts, Staging Connections was able to assemble a team of experienced AGM and webcast professionals. A project manager provided one, dedicated point of contact for Westfield and liaised with and coordinated the suppliers and partners involved in the AGM. Staging Connections worked with the venue, Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre (SCEC) to design an audio visual and lighting concept that best utilised the venue's equipment.

We also provided a technical team of camera and autocue operators to work with SCEC in the execution and delivery of the AGM's audio visual components. The proceedings were projected in high definition onto large 30 x 10 foot screens behind the stage, where board members sat at a head table custom made by Staging Connections for the Westfield AGM. Made to measure with brand livery, the table was built with fold back monitors so that each board member could not only see what was happening on the screen behind them, but could also communicate with the other board members and media and legal teams.

A Directors' Room was set up for the board members where they were able to relax whilst still being able to make phone calls, use laptops, and see the AGM's proceedings and developments as they happened. Detailed pre-production delivered by Staging Connections ranged from establishing all necessary phone lines and internet access, processing OH&S documents and creating floor plans through to logistics and access to the venue for bumping in and bumping out on the day. We also worked within the Westfield Directors' schedules to hold three rehearsals - two in the lead up to the event, and the third on the morning of the AGM.

When it came to delivering the Westfield Trust's 50th Anniversary AGM webcast, Staging Connections worked to create a brand distinctive yet easy to use system for shareholders, journalists and stakeholders at all levels of computer literacy.  Our design teams created webskins that captured the vibrancy of the brand and the event's livery, and recoded the synchronised slides for the webcast so that they were shared as larger slides, for easier viewing for the older demographic. We also removed the ability for slides and video packages to be shown full screen, to avoid any confusion for viewers who were unfamiliar with full screen functionality.

The webcast also removed time and geographic constraints, allowing a board member in another hemisphere and time zone in St Petersburg to participate in the AGM. Staging Connections created a live video conference with the board member, which was broadcast to shareholders at the venue through the large video screens, and around the world through the webcast. Within 20 minutes of the AGM being streamed live, the content was available as an on-demand webcast on the Westfield website.

The Westfield Trust's 50th Anniversary AGM was technically flawless and highly professional, reflecting Westfield's values and brand reputation. As an integral component of the event, the webcast was seamlessly integrated into the overall AGM throughout the planning, pre-production and delivery process. Westfield Trust was impressed with the AGM and webcast, noting that Staging Connections' professionalism, attention to detail and responsiveness made the organisation of the event stress free. The AGM also made an impact on shareholders and the media, with one journalist describing it as the best AGM he had ever attended.