Mission Australia

Awards Night

Australian Capital Cities

To celebrate its 150th anniversary, Mission Australia wanted to create an event it could share with more than 1,000 people in five capital cities around the country. With each city hosting its own satellite event, the charity needed to find a way for everyone attending the individual state functions to feel connected to the main event in Brisbane; and to enjoy the official addresses from Mission Australia's CEO and luminaries such as the Governor General.

Staging Connections created a webcasting solution that would allow guests at Mission Australia's anniversary events in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth to share the evening's highlights from Brisbane, where the charity's head office is based. By filming the evening's formalities in Brisbane and projecting them live onto large screens at venues around Australia - with an on-demand option for Perth to allow for time differences - we created a cost effective, high quality and engaging experience for all.

In pre-production we worked with the venue hotels to ensure they were able to send and receive quality webcasts. As well as establishing whether they had the appropriate audio visual technology for the best webcast experience possible, Staging Connections' venue activation plan made certain that the Brisbane venue had the necessary dedicated bandwidth to be able to send quality webcasts, and that the satellite hotels were able to clearly receive them.

Staging Connections' technicians also ensured the Brisbane venue was an established publishing point for our content delivery network Akamai, to avoid any possible connection problems on the night. By using Akamai, the world's strongest content delivery network, and the network used for events such as President Obama's inauguration and Michael Jackson's funeral, we could be confident that the quality of the Mission Australia's webcast was world class, and the viewer experience was second to none.

On the night itself, Staging Connections' broadcast cameramen filmed the proceedings in Brisbane, our webcast experts ensured the formalities were seamlessly streamed to each state, while Staging Connections' technicians at the satellite events projected the webcast onto large screens in each venue. Our teams made certain the individual events were timed perfectly, so that the formalities at each of the satellite events meshed seamlessly with the crosses to the VIP addresses from Brisbane.

The event was streamed live so that people who were unable to attend the events could view the 150th Anniversary webcast from the comfort of their own homes. Our designers created webskins for a custom made web page for the event, and when the live webcast was completed, it was quickly edited and made available as on-demand, allowing those who attended the event to watch the highlights at a later date.

Mission Australia's 150th Anniversary webcast was technically flawless, with no buffering required and no dropouts in the live stream from the Brisbane event. Attendees at the satellite events in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide were able to cross live to Brisbane as the formalities began, while Perth was able to use the on-demand webcast to avoid the time difference dictating how they planned their own celebrations. Hundreds of people in each city were able to enjoy high quality broadcasts of the addresses from Brisbane, with a clarity that is not physically possible on large screens through video conferencing or Skype.

By sharing the main addresses from Brisbane with the satellite events, the webcast was able to connect audience members, allowing them to feel they were a part of a national event even whilst they were geographically dispersed around the country.
Webcasting with Staging Connections allowed Mission Australia to thank supporters, staff, volunteers, and members of the government in individual states while still being able to host one anniversary event over five satellite sites.