Alienware Case Study

Product Launch

On 7 July 2011, Staging Connections executed an extraordinary event. Members of the computer and gaming industry were treated to an exhilarating product launch of Alienware's computers and laptops at the Neverland Entertainment Precinct, Melbourne. Staging Connections embarked on a path to take members of the audience on a journey from the alien planet to our own, bringing to life digital mediums, projection, pyrotechnics, actors, lighting and unearthly sounds. Behind the audience experience lay months of boundary-stretching preparation for all staff involved. Account Manager, Rob Rolfe said, "the technical components of the event spec were extremely impressive".

This event required the collaboration between the client's 3D animation content with Staging Connections' 3D ‘projection', projection design, 3D mapping and reform. The projection design was precisely plotted in 3D software space and accommodated ceiling and lens limitations amongst many within the venue. 11 projectors were driven by 14 Watchout PCs onto a set space that canvassed a 22m-wide screen, full-size caravan model and floor space surrounding the area.

A multi-channel audio computer played a custom, automated soundtrack. The sound track itself was mixed from 64 stereo tracks down to 13 surround channels. Together with the 3D animated projection map and surround sound, time code generated cues for both stunt actors and pyrotechnics completed the theatrical experience.

Bursts of flame, explosions of chilling CO2 gas, stunt actors tumbling from the ceiling, a caravan unravelling in front of your eyes. Every part of this momentous launch was spectacular. Staging Connections combined innovative techniques with the highly experienced team to exceed the clients' expectations. Not only was the 3D mapping projection technically inspiring but the combination of stunt actors, pyrotechnics, lighting, sound and bursts of CO2 gas were what made this an electrifying event.